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Why Trading Is My Greatest Teacher

Why Trading Is My Greatest Teacher

Trading Challenge – My education of how to trade futures started on my birthday June 6, 2012. This wasn’t when I started trading. But it was when I purchased my course and started the curriculum.

Funny enough, I always considered myself a really fast learner. That was until I started trading.

Trading has since not only become my obsession, but it has literally opened me up to see that I have so much to learn in life and for me to be a good trader, I must fix all the other stuff.

Trading has now become my greatest teacher of life.

Mainly psychologically.

Sounds grim.  I know. But ironically enough, we all deal with shit. With trading, though, it can’t be covered up. Every decision you make in trading has a quick result. Unlike in most things in life, you make a decision and sometimes it can take several years for you to see what a grand fuck up it was.

Not with trading. You make one wrong (bad) decision based on fear and you can lose everything.

Ironically enough, what is that grand fear? Losing.

So your self-fulfilling prophecy can happen instantly in trading rather than take a while in other real life stuff, making you forget that you were the one that made a bad or fearful decision at one point and now you are reaping the penalty of it.

Now it’s time to get my shit together and show you guys that with a trading plan it can be simple. Certainly NOT easy, but the most important part of it all is following the plan.

Trading Challenge

How to Start

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Why Trading Is My Greatest Teacher