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3 Proven Ways to Gain More TikTok Followers (2023)

TikTok today is one of the most popular and visited sites on the global Internet. Youth video hosting has more than 1 billion users of different ages. Yes, no wonder everyone wants to become famous here. By getting the attention of even 10% of this audience, you’ll instantly become famous in the thematic community and improve your social image in the online world.

However, social networks are changing – new formats and trends are emerging that form the concept of relevant content. In addition, the ways of promotion are changing too; you need to be aware of the latest promo trends to become more confident in the face of fierce competition. In the article, we’ve collected the 3 best ways to expand the fan base that can be included in your promotion strategy on the youth platform.

Investing in your account

Many newcomers think that getting the desired number of subscribers is a difficult and long process. But promotion is not an abstruse science. Here you can speed up and simplify the process at times by using third-party help from special companies. Every blogger has the opportunity to buy TikTok followers instantly at any stage of account development. But we would recommend doing this at the very beginning so that you can create a really positive first impression. Visitors to your page will be pleasantly surprised to see you, a beginner, have a large number of followers right now. 

However, do not strive to get everything at once. Act wisely to exclude questions from viewers. Start investing little by little, gradually increasing your advertising budget and the number of subscribers you buy. This is a great opportunity to save time for more useful things: creating content, participating in challenges and collaborating with bloggers.

Tailor your clips

TikTok algorithms are not a simple thing. In order for your videos to be in the trends, unfortunately, it is not enough to upload great content. Clips should be watched to the end by a large audience; this way algorithms understand that your creativity is valuable and interesting to viewers.

There is one secret to effective adaptation – include a hook in every video. This is what attracts the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds and encourages him to watch to the end. For example, ask the user: “do you already know about this life hack?” or interest him: “I bet you don’t know how to make a person laugh in a second!”. Use pronouns to create the impression of dialogue – this encourages people to watch more. Try it!

Collaborate with other bloggers

The app has everything so that you can create collaborative content with friends or other creators. Together you can shoot duets, reactions and even start Live. All you need to do is find a suitable creator and agree on a profitable cooperation. This method will help you become more famous in the community. 

But keep in mind that you can’t collaborate with a direct competitor and newcomers without an audience; you’ll just waste time creating videos with such bloggers. You can find a niche maker in FYP, Discovery or by thematic hashtags. Show attention and respect to the user you’re interested in: like, comment on a few videos, and then write in person, offering favorable conditions for both sides. Together you’ll be able to create a lot of different interesting content, exchanging audiences, expanding your fanbase and becoming more famous step by step.