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Analyzing Social Enterprise Intranet Networks to Predict Stock Prices of a Company

The use of network theory to analyze stock market trends evolved around two main approaches: The empirical approach; is centered on the practical ways networks are created. The theoretical course focuses on evaluating the problem in a general form. Given some mathematical conditions related to the network, the aim is to demonstrate the existence and uniqueness of a solution. 

From the above definitions and explanations, we find that the dynamics of stock prices may change abruptly, being more complicated than a power law distribution, mainly when critical events occur. There are various analysis methods employed to predict market stock prices.

two guys Analyzing Social Enterprise Intranet Networks to Predict Stock Prices of a Company

Intrinsic value

Enterprise Intranet Social Network has been used to predict whether a company would experience an increase in stock price or not. There is, however, no proof just yet that the method can be generalized to other companies for predictive use because of the difficulties it posed in predicting changes when a company needed to be bigger out of the dataset sizes used. 

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Technological analysis

Companies build their websites from existing software on the internet and republish them. Now, existing software such as Google analyzes occurrences worldwide in business and stock markets. Such software does not index the intranet site, and it would be hard to search for relevant information. At the same time, good software sites like Powell-Software.com make it easy for a company’s staff to conduct all activities and offer services with no significant challenges. 

Enterprise intranets can access internal documents within a company, including financial statements, board meeting minutes, and executive summaries. The data allows for better analysis of the stock price by analysts due to its objective nature, which will lead to accurate predictions of revenue projections, future earnings, and important events.

Fundamental analysis

Stock prices depend on future earnings. Therefore, you can predict stock price movement or patterns based on the firms’ activities. The socialite social network analysis approach can derive different graphs representing the network structure, such as cluster analysis and visualizing the co-occurrence relationship between words used in documents. It can measure the semantic similarity between words and their relevance to each other in their context, which helps us find significant trends in an individual firm’s activity over time. 

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Technical analysis

A company’s enterprise intranet can provide valuable insight into activity and sentiment that is not easily visible off the internet. Building an enterprise social network with more than 100 tons of documents could give us a lot of insight to share with the readers about the company’s activities.

Having focused much on Intranet and the stock market, it is advisable to know that there is a link between the company stock price and the company’s communication network center. 


Prediction of the stock market is more challenging than it may seem or sound. The benefits of an intranet for connecting and engaging a workforce are clear, but sometimes it’s necessary to show what else an internal communications platform can do. Protect your digital workplace budget, win stakeholder support, and increase intranet usage across your organization with these 23 advantages of an intranet.