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YOU do NOT need a large account or a financial background to be a PROFITABLE and CONSISTENT Trader

But YOU DO NEED a FULL understanding of the BASICS

Marina Kuperman The Trader Chick

HERE'S What You’ll Learn and Master:

The F3 Framework for Day Trading vs. Investing from an industry insider . . . 

Value $49

Whistleblower Secrets to the Myths Behind Day Trading (what you need to know before you get started) . . .  

Value $89

The  4 Part Harmony to Determine What to Trade . . . Value $19

1, 2, 3 Immersion Method

to Day Trading Lingo (once you learn the language it won't seem scary or even complicated to understand what is going on) . . . 

Value $39

The Wizard of Oz Process 

to Mastering Brokers, Commissions and Platforms, Oh My!  . . .

Value $29

The Music Methodology

This is where it starts to get really fun and creative! The picture becomes clear how students can earn $100 in 15 minutes by reading market movement, patterns and indicators and by having an orchestrated trading plan . . .

Value $99

The Trader Chick System  

to Simplifying Indicators & Technical Analysis . . . 

Value $59

LIVE Q&A session with me so that you really understand and master trading . . . PRICELESS

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A Little Bit About

Marina 'The Trader Chick'

Marina Villatoro The Trader Chick

Hi, I'm Marina 'The Trader Chick'  

I specialize in helping the true beginners to day trade with confidence and ease. If anyone has a desire to learn day trading and has no idea where to start, I take them from newbie to pro (trader) fast. I do things very differently. My students get the guidance to fully read the markets and start their day trading journey successfully. 

My goal is to show how life transforming day trading is, even spiritual and to remove the stigma and fear that is wrapped around it. 

In my quest to make it super accessible, fun and doable for everyone I have cultivated the best strategies after years trading the financial markets. I started out like so many trading on my own and using my own money as trial and error. That was the worst (most expensive) thing I could have done. 

Stick with me and I will show you the best way to go from newbie to pro (trader) fast while avoiding the mistakes I made. It can be done with only a few hours a day so that there is plenty of time to be with the family, or to travel, or whatever you want to do!

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