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Why is Day Trading Like an Entrepreneurship but Better?

Why is Day Trading Like an Entrepreneurship but Better?

1. You work for yourself – you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. All your decisions come from you.

That also makes you fully responsible for it all

2. You are in full control of your wins and loses

When you win, pat yourself on the back
When you lose, learn from your mistakes

And remember, you can’t blame the market, it’s what you put into it!

3. Unlike most business owners that have to hustle day and night, day traders don’t have to deal with any of that. It’s all about them. Not the customers they schmooz.

This is one of the best qualities for so many people with day trading. All your energy simply goes on yourself and what you do with the market.

You don’t depend on sales and reaching out to people to work with you. Or going to events and conferences.

You are a solopreneur!

Becoming a Day Trader

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Why is Day Trading Like an Entrepreneurship but Better