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BENEFITS OF BEING A GOOD TRADER | Confessions of a Trader Chick





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Today I took the day off. And that’s kind of the cool thing about day trading.

You can just take a day off. And the reason why I took the day off is because today is the day I teach entrepreneurship for kids at my son’s middle school.

And I figured, well, look at the day.

This is where I live. I’m about to head out on my scooter right here to go to the school. And I decided to just enjoy my residential. This is actually where I live. I know that a lot of people have been asking to see where I live in Guatemala. I don’t know if you can actually see in the back ground. There is volcanoes.

So this is my parking lot and I’m about to head out to teach my kid how to be an entrepreneur.

That’s another one of my actually, that’s really my biggest passion ever, is not only to be able to spend more time with my kids, but to actually work with my kids. I love day trading, the fact that I could do it for a couple of hours a day, but it’s not something I could do with my kids yet. Right.

My kids are 12 and 13. Sorry, 6 and 13. So it’s not something that they can understand.

And I’ve noticed that there’s a huge lack of real education in the school system, such as teaching our kids on entrepreneurship.

And the private school that my sons go to are very progressive and quite alternative. So when I said that I want to volunteer and pilot this new program, they were all over it because not many people can do it because they don’t have the time. Right.

They don’t know even if they are entrepreneurs, some of them work more hours.

So that’s why I decided to take the day off. Celebrate the gorgeous afternoon and beautiful. Sorry, it’s morning. Afternoon ish, I guess, before the class begins. And so this is keeping it real.

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BENEFITS OF BEING A GOOD TRADER | Confessions of a Trader Chick