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Enjoying Berlin Stock Exchange Events

On a trip to Berlin, the last thing that would cross your mind is attending trading events and conferences. But the truth is that when you’re so immersed in something like trading, you’ll find time even while on a vacation to keep learning about it. So, if you’re planning a visit and going to minibus hire in Berlin, you should know there aren’t many things that you can do at the Berlin Stock Exchange.

Berlin is famous for tons of stuff, from building, museums, a lot of history. The Borse Berlin is not excluded. It was founded in 1685 which makes it the oldest exchange in Germany, but it was until 1739 that the first trading session took place. It was moved two times from different buildings! The Berlin Stock Exchange was one of the three most important in the world until the First World War.

After going through a lot, the Berlin Stock Exchange is now situated in Ludwig-Erhard-Haus, A tremendous steel and glass construction at the Fasanenstraße 85 in the district Charlottenburg. As you can see, you can easily get there by using minibus rental Berlin.


Since the central economical hub in Germany is Frankfurt, there aren’t many events at the Berlin Exchange. So let’s check some of the opportunities you have of visiting the Berlin Stock Exchange. One first thing you will notice is how beautiful the building is, you can ask at the entrance for a guided tour.

One of the things I noticed is that there aren’t many special events like at the Frankfurt Exchange. You can rarely see here children days, where you can come with your kids. IPO ceremonies are also common, you can launch your IPO in the event rooms. One thing you will surely not see here is the Opening Bell Ceremony, where people celebrate the stock trading anniversary.

Occasionally you can find exclusive receptions that will get you a glance at how things work. Some corporate events take place there too, but those would be kinda private. For example, at the Frankfurt Exchange, you can attend a Börsenfrühstück, where you can listen to some guest speakers and then go to the trading floor to discuss with other participants to exchange ideas.

Events you may find:

  • IPO Ceremony
  • Börsenfrühstück
  • Opening Bell Ceremony
  • Special Events
    • Children Days
    • Exclusive Receptions
    • Corporate Events

Note: Some events formats may not be available due to pandemics.