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What in the world are technicals in Day Trading?

What in the world are technicals in Day Trading?

It’s understanding what is happening in the market this very second. And it has nothing to do with what Jim Cramer is saying. Or if some CEO is having an affair and the stock tanks.

It’s watching the charts. It’s understanding the indicators. (This is what you will learn in this Boot – Camp – the most important movements, patterns and indications.)

For Example, you know those funny looking bars and lines and balls you see on charts? Well, they actually have a meaning behind them all and we will learn how it works.

Those bars, lines and more will tell us everything that is necessary to know.

  • They will show us patterns if we need to sit out and wait for the market to give us more confirmation.
  • They will show us if we need to jump into a trade
  • They will show us if the trade is going to continue for bigger targets or if we need to get out fast
  • They will tell us if we need to minimize our risk management or to sit and give the market room to work out

For example, I know you are wondering what is risk management? How will I ever learn to read the markets?

Don’t sweat it. That’s what I’m here for.

In other words, the most important thing to get out of this lesson – ignore what everyone else says. Learn what Mr. Market is telling us!

So in this boot camp we won’t be learning fundamentals, market expectations and ‘financial guru’ predictions. We are going to learn the facts with technicals.

How to Start?

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