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When is the Best Season to Trade (During the Year)


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Hey, it’s Marina the trader chick, and I’m here to simplify your day trading. Today’s question of the day. When is the best time to trade? What season? What time of the year?

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What is the best season to trade?

That’s right. There are actual seasons of the year that are better than other seasons.

So let’s find out first of all, summer

That is a time frame. Summer is June, July, and August. So I have found that this is the worst time to trade. Why is that? Well, just think of things, right.

Like, the market is run by people. It’s not just run like that because otherwise, people would not be behind it. So what happens during the summer months? Most people have kids. So that means vacation time.

So that means they take time off. So what does that mean? In the market? It’s a lot fewer people. The volume is way less.

It’s slower. And when there’s a lot less volume, what normally happens is a lot more indecision. And I have found this to be the best time of the year to practice my discipline because I know that the market is much slower. So everything that used to take me, like 30 seconds to a minute for trading setups now can actually take up to five to even 15 minutes. I know that sounds still really short, but for a scalper, which is what I mainly do, that could be long.

But again, it’s not about my specific timeframe. Even for people who are 1 hour or four-hour traders, they’ll notice that it’s much longer because there’s not enough volume, and that’s normal. So a lot of times, to be quite honest with you, enjoy your summer months. Go and do something fun. Don’t put that much into it during those months.


All right. This is the best time of the year. Why everybody is back from the summer vacation. Everybody’s renewed, probably spent a lot of money on their vacation.

Right? They’re ready to rock it in the market. So what is the fall month? September, October, and November? And again, because I mainly trade the US market, every market is obviously going to be different.

But in the US, our holiday season technically begins around November, the end of November, which is Thanksgiving. I like to say that the week of Thanksgiving is when things really start to slow down. So from September through that time, like one week before Thanksgiving, it is so much volatility. It is probably one of the best times to trade by far. So fall, autumn.


That is a really fun season. So in December, you can have a couple of weeks in December. But once the holiday season comes around, nobody wants to do anything right. So really goes down a lot.

I personally am not a big fan of it. And again, vacation kids are off from school. People are traveling. It’s family time. But the cool thing about winter is that it can really pick up.

I’d say mid-January, but probably around the 10 January. That’s when everybody is raring to go. They just spent all that money on holidays and everybody. So people are back in the market ready to make some serious money. And that lasts the majority of January and all February and all the way into spring.


This is a good time of the year, March and April. However, May we all know, May is starting to really slow down and become a kind of iffy. But you still have altogether a good six months to even seven or eight months of the year that you can kill it. So the best time is fall and most of the winter and spring-summer. Enjoy your summer months off guys enjoy December, the holidays because the market is and the rest of the traders are as well.

So that’s pretty much what I have noticed in over a decade of trading, the best times of the year to trade. What about you? When is your best season? Have you been keeping track? I’d love to know.

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