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Best Websites To Ask Programming Questions

Programming and coding have been a top choice for many tech people to go for, it has a huge job window opportunity, and it just keeps evolving and growing each year. Coding has been increasing in popularity in recent years since most of it can be done remotely, suitable for those looking for working from home. But learning to code is not an easy task, it’s a deep process with a ton of rational thinking, creativity, and memory, that’s why you need a strong community to help you with your assignments.

Thankfully, when it comes to coding assignment help, there are a ton of resources to head to. Since it’s a popular thing, programming is a good document journey with one of the most helpful communities out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of coding language you’re learning, there’s someone willing to help.

monitor showing jave code and programming

Where to Ask Programming Questions?

If you’re looking for help with programming, you will find many types of websites like the ones that aren’t focused on programming but have solid communities, for example, general websites like Quora or Reddit. On the other hand, you can find the ones that are focused on programming, like StackOverflow or StackExchange.

Not only that, if you are learning a popular coding language, you’ll find a ton of dedicated websites and forums for it.


JS is currently one of the most popular languages to learn and one of the most used in the whole world, it’s used to manage how a website behaves.

Some popular resources for java are:

  • MDN Community and Forum by Mozilla
  • JavaScript CodeForum
  • JavaScript SitePoint Community
  • JavaScript FreeCodeCamp Forum
  • JavaScript DEV Community


Python is another of the most popular programming language in the whole world, it’s a multipurpose coding language that let devs choose their path among the many different styles like functional, reflective object-oriented, and other coding styles.

Popular resources for Python are:

  • Python ORG Communities
  • Python Forum
  • Python Anywhere


Chances are you have encountered HTML already, is one of the most commonly used and known coding languages in the world since the beginning for a long time now. It’s used to format and organize text on websites and is often used with CSS, also, it’s one of the most well-documented programming languages.

Popular resources for HTML are:

  • MDN Community and Forum by Mozilla
  • HTML Forums
  • HTML Help


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is often used combined with HTML. The CSS is responsible for the appearance of a website. The workflow usually goes like this, HTML organizes the text in chunks of data and the CSS determines the position, color, and size of the website’s elements.

Popular resources for CSS are:

  • HTML & CSS CodeForum
  • CSS Creator

Best Websites To Ask Programming Questions

When learning programming and aiming to develop apps, software products, or webpages, there’s a high chance that you’ll face some kind of issue or error that will lead to doing deep research and asking in forums or broad websites.

Talking about broad websites to ask programming questions and more specialized websites, there are many names that show up, but I’m going to list the best ones.

It’s well known that in communities like Reddit, Quora, Stacks, CodeForum, or CodeProject many professional hangs out and help newbies, making it one of the biggest draws of coding communities, there are a lot of people willing to help.

Here are some of the best websites to ask questions related to coding or programming:


One of the biggest communities on the internet, with more than 99 million users, with one desire in common: to learn and improve their coding abilities. You can post a question and get an answer in less than an hour, not only that, but usually, you get variations or improvements of the precious correct answer.

The biggest draw is getting an answer, but most users take the time to explain in detail. Stackoverflow is home to questions and answers in various coding languages, but not limited to that, you can find services and platforms too. It has an up-vote system and severe moderation that will secure a quick and quality answer.


While Stackoverflow is heavily inclined towards coding and programming, StackExchange is a more general website. Users can ask or answer questions and experts or people can vote on the answers to secure a helpful reply. All you need to do to start is create an account.

StackExchange have many different websites on a huge amount of topic, from math to game dev, and 3d modeling. Stackoverflow is one of them, checked them out, and you may find one dedicated to your programming language.


Code Project, serve its users with useful information, source codes, and news to the programmer in many ways. You can find general discussions where people and developers share their thoughts with all the other users in the community. If you want a quicker Q/A style approach, you can head to Quick Answer and place a question to get help from the community.

All you need to do is sign up for an account, and you’ll be able to enjoy discussion forums, get updates and ask or answer questions. The forums have more than 10 million users, with posts being made under tags depending on the coding languages, service, or platform.


Reddit is well known as the “Front Page of the Internet”, and has been the place to go for programmers to hang out, share information and help newbies. The biggest draw about Reddit is the fact you’re able to find a community suitable for anything, from specific programming languages to a general community about programming and coding.

Users can talk about particular interests or topics, ask questions and get answers really fast since some of the biggest and most active coding communities are on Reddit. It’s really easy to use, just register a new account and explore the subreddits.

Here are some popular for you to start:

  • /r/WebDev
  • /r/Coding
  • /r/LearnWebDev
  • /r/Frontend.