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The Big Leap Book Review – Finding Your Zone of Genius


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The big leap by Gay Hendricks. Another way that people talk about this book is the upper limit. So I’m pretty sure Gay Hendricks coined the term hitting your upper limit. What happens is we have this inner thermostat that we cannot go past. Well, in our minds, we cannot go past.

Right. We don’t even know it exists. Technically, what happens is you’ll notice that a lot of times your happiness level only goes to a certain level, right. And then your mind starts to play all these tricks on you and brings all this weird stuff into your head and brings you back down as if those saying, hey, you’re getting too happy, get your ass back down. So it’s like the thermostat that we cannot pass beyond, right?

We can look at other people who are really successful, but our own thermostat doesn’t permit us to get there. Right. It’s an inner thermostat. It’s kind of like hitting your upper limit. So in this book, Gay really gets into that, getting past the upper limit and understanding it when you finally are able to see it.

The Big Leap Book Review

That really makes it happen in many ways, right? You could have a really successful month, let’s say in your business, and probably is the best month you’ve had. And all of a sudden your car breaks down, or you get really sick or something. It’s as if you’re sending out this energy like this is too good to be true. When is the other shoe going to drop?

And of course, it drops, right? This is a subconscious thing. These are self sabotages. So this book allows you to spot it because 99% of the time we don’t even know that we’re self-sabotaging ourselves. We don’t even realize that we have hit our own upper limit that we have created in ourselves and those upper limits.

It could happen anyway, right? Maybe from youth when we were told no money isn’t good, you can never make too much money or work sucks. You have to struggle. You can’t enjoy work. Whatever those, it’s basically limiting beliefs, right.

That is bringing us and helping us at our upper limit. So this book really helps you understand what your upper limit can be, spotting it and getting past it. There are quite a few different ways that he talks about, and you need to read the book. It’s a very easy read. That’s another thing.

This book is super easy, really fast, and really powerful helpful. I mean, you could probably read it within 2 hours. That’s how easy to read it is. But it’s a super-powerful book. I think I’ve read this book three or four times just sitting down, and before I knew it, I was reading the whole book.

Sometimes I just want to review some things. The next thing I know, I’m almost done with the book. So it’s really helped me. It will not be the end of all of your self-sabotage and upper limits. But it starts, and the whole point of all these books is that start right, it’s for you to recognize it. It’s for you to start making that change. And that’s the most important thing of all. This is a great book, super easy to read. I really, really recommend it.

And another thing he really focuses on is working in your zone of genius, there could be things that you are good at. They could be things that you are great at, and then there are things that you are a genius at, not like Einstein genius, but this is like where you flow the most, where it comes the easiest to you. So a lot of people get stuck in the good and the great, but their upper limit prevents them to go to their zone of genius where it’s amazing. And when you’re in your zone of genius, not only do you create the most, but you are also a powerful force for everybody around you. And that’s the whole thing.

When you are working in your flow, in your alignment, if you’re really happy doing what you’re doing in your zone of genius, It’s contagious and everybody’s inspired around you, and they get to do that, too. And that’s really important. You know, like, we have these tendencies to think that we need to struggle, and we need to suffer, and things have to be hard, and we don’t do things that really make us happy because we feel that we have to struggle. The thing is we need to do things that are really good for us, that make us happy because then everyone around us feels that happiness, feels that energy, and they become inspired, and they want to do it. You can never make anyone do anything, but you can inspire them to do it right.

And when you’re doing your thing, and you’re excited, and you’re happy, and you’re in your zone of genius, and you’re passing it up a little bit, people around you start to push themselves a little bit further and a little bit further Because of your energy and what you’re saying and how you are living. And this book is a great way of starting this process and understanding your upper limits and getting past them and getting past your self-satisfaction.

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