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Book Recommendation – You Are a Badass

If there ever was a book that got your ass moving in gear, You Are a Badass is the one and only. Actually, I’m truly wondering why this book isn’t the most important first book to read when starting your personal development journey.

you are a badass

It’s written in such a way that you never want to put it down. It reads like an awesome novel. It gives you absolutely crucial life lessons that are easily applied to everything in your life. And gets you moving to actually do them!

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you are a badass


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You are a badass book review by Marina The Trader Chick Villatoro okay, so I don’t even know how this book came into my life, but this book should be an essential book for anybody at all who is starting their personal development journey. Personal growth, self-care, self-love, whatever you want to call it. It is an incredible, incredible book. One of the best books I have read.

You’re a Badass Book Review

Not only is it incredibly practical, giving you such amazing advice that you could put into everyday life without even realizing that you are making shifts. And it’s unbelievable. But the way Jen Sincero writes this book, it’s like one of those novels that you cannot put down, right? It’s that good. And I read a ton of personal development and personal growth books.

I need a ton. That’s all I read. This was one of the best reads I have had. I read it twice already and every time her analogies, her metaphors, her way of talking. First, it’s as if she’s talking directly to me.

As if though I am her reincarnate. It’s just one of the most practical books that everybody should read, right? It’s about how you make the small shift about meditation, it’s about overall change, it’s about abundance, it’s about mindset. I can’t even pinpoint that one thing. And I am massive on finding one thing in each book that I implement.

I was able to implement at least ten things and there’s probably a hundred more that I could implement. And that’s why I keep rereading this book. I have no affiliation with this woman. I wish I’d met her because I’m sure we could hang out and have a great chat. I recommend this book so much.

If you read even one book this year about personal growth, this probably would be the book to read. I mean, it will help you get over yourself. It will get you really moving. Like getting over your shit. Just being like, okay, yeah, I’m ready to go.

Just starting now. Taking action, understanding that 90% of the stuff that goes on in your head, no, 99% of the stuff that is going on in your head is crap. It’s pointless. And the way she explains it all makes so much sense that you’re ready to go. After finishing her book every time I have started something new and huge that I’ve been wanting to for a long time.

So get on it. This is a book that will kick you in the butt and get you moving. And that is probably the most exhilarating experience. And on top of that, it’s a fun book to read. It’s so easy.

It’s such a flow. It’s incredible. So go for it. Get this book. I’m Marina The Trader Chick and subscribe to my channel for more book reviews and more books that will change your life and just fun tips to make you a better person and trainer.