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Book Recommendation – You Are a Badass

If there ever was a book that got your ass moving in gear, You Are a Badass is the one and only. Actually, I’m truly wondering why this book isn’t the most important first book to read when starting your personal development journey.

you are a badass

It’s written in such a way that you never want to put it down. It reads like an awesome novel. It gives you absolutely crucial life lessons that are easily applied to everything in your life. And gets you moving to actually do them!

If you get the subscription for Audible Gold [Digital Membership] – you get the first four books for free and then if you decide to stay with it, it’s actually cheaper to get audio books that way through Amazon.

you are a badass

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Above all don`t forget to read You are a Badass!!!.

Book Recommendation - You Are a Badass