Book Recommendation – Dying to Be Me

Why in the world am I writing about a near death experience book recommendation, Dying to Be Me, for a day trading journey?

Here’s the thing, this book woke me the f*ck up!

I don’t even know how I picked up this book. This is not the kind of book I ever read. But somehow it ended up in my hands and now my whole perception on life has changed and I guarantee, yours will too.

The short version – fear is totally in our minds it takes over like a disease preventing us from doing anything we want. This goes for trading, traveling, spending money on a hot piece of clothing, quitting your shitty day job to do what you want, worrying what other people say – it kills us in every way, and it’s nothing more than our own heads talking.

With this book it opens you up to the reality we will all die, why are we wasting our time living in fear.

dying to be me


If you get the subscription for Audible Gold [Digital Membership] – you get the first four books for free and then if you decide to stay with it, it’s actually cheaper to get audio books that way through Amazon.


Happy Trading,

Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

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  1. Angelina Stefanini says:

    this is an amazing book. I read this a few years ago after I had a car accident and a TBI. really incredible book.

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