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Best Highest Leverage Forex Brokers

where can i find the highest leverage forex broker?
The forex market is also one of the most popular markets to trade due to the relatively low entry requirements and the use of leverage when trading. But which is the highest leverage forex broker? Read on below to find out.

The forex market is one of the largest and most liquid markets in the entire world, with trillions of dollars traded every day. The forex market is also one of the most popular markets to trade due to the relatively low entry requirements – basically all you need is an internet connection, a broker and relatively small amounts of capital.

Another reason for its popularity among normal people trying to make income online is the fact that Forex trading allows traders to utilize leverage so anyone can control larger positions with a relatively small amount of capital. And a common question among new and experienced forex traders is ‘What is the highest leverage forex broker?’.

And that is what we will be discussing in this post. We will provide a run down of a list of the highest leverage forex brokers you can access but also we will provide important details about leverage including the pros and cons.

What is a Forex Broker?

In forex trading brokers are organizations  that assist traders in making trades by exchanging currencies at a certain price. Brokers provide this service to retail traders i.e most ordinary traders as well as for larger organizations.  

A broker with high leverage means that the brokerage offers more leverage than a traditional broker would offer

This is advantageous for someone who wants to trade larger amounts of currency as they will be able to control more money with less capital.

And while leverage can be great for amplifying gains it also has inherent risks which are discussed further below. Overall leverage is one of many important concepts traders need to understand well in order to be profitable. There are also very important fundamental day trading concepts that need to be mastered in order to be a complete trader.

But in this post we will focus on the aspect of leverage so you can know and use this in your day trading to generate profit.

What Is Leverage in Trading?

The importance of leverage in forex trading lies in its ability to enhance profit potential and capital efficiency. By using leverage, traders can access larger positions with relatively small amounts of capital, thereby maximizing potential returns on successful trades. 

This increased purchasing power enables traders to take advantage of even small price movements in the forex market, potentially leading to substantial profits.

Some brokers offer leverage, which is the ability to trade with larger positions.

This is important for those who want to make more money on their investments and for those who want to control more risk. Some of the common features of these brokers are low spreads and low commissions.

High leverage is achieved by using leverage to buy securities on margin. When a trader buys a security on margin, they are borrowing money from the broker to purchase the security. The trader can then use the borrowed funds to purchase more securities in order to increase their potential return.

which one is the highest leverage forex broker?
The importance of leverage in forex trading lies in its ability to enhance profit potential and capital efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Using Leverage

Leverage can allow for traders to trade with positions that are larger than their initial investment and they can amplify exposure without having to commit the full value of the position upfront.

But the higher the leverage, the higher the risk for traders and brokers alike. If anything goes wrong with their investments, it could lead to a catastrophic loss of capital for both parties involved in the trade.

Let’s look at some of the main pros and cons of leverage which is vital to understand in Forex or any other day trading.

Pros of Leverage

Increased Profit Potential: High leverage allows traders to control larger positions, potentially magnifying profits on successful trades.

Capital Efficiency: Leverage enables traders to make the most of their available capital by amplifying purchasing power, allowing for greater diversification and scalability of trading strategies.

Access to Markets: High leverage can provide access to markets and trading opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible due to capital constraints.

Cons of High Leverage

Increased Risk of Losses: Perhaps the most significant drawback of high leverage is the increased risk of losses. While leverage can amplify profits, it can also magnify losses, potentially leading to significant drawdowns or even the complete loss of capital.

Margin Calls: Trading with high leverage requires maintaining a minimum level of margin in trading accounts. If losses exceed available margin, brokers may issue margin calls, requiring additional funds to cover losses or risk position liquidation.

Emotional Stress: High leverage trading can heighten emotional stress and psychological pressure on traders, leading to impulsive decision-making and increased vulnerability to market fluctuations.

Interest Costs: Holding leveraged positions overnight may incur interest costs in the form of overnight financing charges or swap rates, reducing overall profitability and increasing the cost of trading.

Regulatory Restrictions: Many regulatory authorities have imposed limits on leverage for retail traders to protect them from excessive risk, potentially limiting traders’ ability to use high leverage.

Best High Leverage Forex Brokers
It’s important to not select a broker just because they offer the highest leverage but you must consider the very important points discussed below when selecting a broker for Forex trading.

Important Considerations When Selecting a High Leverage Forex Broker

Before we discuss the highest leverage forex brokers it’s important to first provide some guidance on selecting a reputable broker. 

You should not select a broker just because they offer the highest leverage but you must consider the following very important points when selecting a broker for Forex trading:

i) Regulation & Security

Selecting projects that are regulated by reputable financial authorities will provide that peace of mind and assurance for traders that their funds are safe and can be accessed.

So you should look for brokers that are regulated by authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

ii) Comparing Fee Structures of Different Brokers

Just know that different brokers offer different fees such as spreads, commissions. You should compare different brokers in terms of the fees they have so you can select the most cost-effective option for trading.

iii) Customer Support of Different Brokers

Again don’t just look for brokers with the highest leverage especially if you are new to Forex trading. Customer support is another vital factor in selecting a broker to use.

It’s vital to compare the different customer support services and the availability of each by broker and whether they have live chat, phone support or email.


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Best Broker With High Leverage

Below are the best brokers for forex trading that also offer high leverage which is what many retail and institutional investors are interested in inorder to amplify their potential gains.

eToro (up to x5)

eToro is a social trading platform that offers its users the opportunity to copy trades of successful investors. The company offers traders a high level of leverage, which means they can trade with more money than they actually have in their account.

This is because eToro allows you to borrow an amount of money from the broker, and then pay it back with interest. This can be beneficial if you want to invest in a highly volatile asset class such as stocks or cryptocurrencies, but don’t want to risk your own capital.

Capital.com (up to 30:1)

Capital.com is a broker with high leverage that helps you trade on the financial markets.

Capital.com is a broker with high leverage that helps you trade on the financial markets. It provides trading in stocks, commodities, forex, and more. Capital offers traders access to global marketplaces through its online account and mobile app, which can be accessed anywhere around the world at any time of day or night.

FP Markets (up to 500:1)

The First Prudential Markets are the place where securities, such as forex, stock, bonds, and commodities are traded by many people. The FP Markets allows leverage up to 500:1 for the purpose of providing liquidity to investors by allowing them to buy and sell financial instruments on its FP Markets Pro Account

The Financial Markets operate in a huge variety of countries and are available in a ton of languages, with various trading hours depending on the country.

BDSwiss (up to 1000:1)

BDSwiss is a broker that offers online trading with high leverage. They have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and they have an excellent reputation for their customer service and for their wide range of products.

The company broker offers online trading with high leverage on the BDSwiss Premium Account up to 1000:1 among other features like spread as low as 1.1 pips and more than 70+ financial assets

Libertex (up to 30:1)

Libertex is a broker with high leverage. The platform offers a variety of trading instruments and trading features. In addition, the company provides its customers with the opportunity to trade on margin.

The company was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced traders and programmers. Libertex is regulated by CySEC, and Cyprus Securities.

OANDA (up to 50:1) 

OANDA is a globally recognized forex broker known for its tight spreads and innovative trading platform. They offer competitive leverage options and are regulated by multiple authorities, including the CFTC in the US and the FCA in the UK.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) limits leverage available to retail forex traders in the United States to 50:1 on major currency pairs and 20:1 for all others.


After reading through this post you should now know which are the highest leverage forex brokers to use and choose from. In this post we have also discussed important considerations you should think about (beyond just highest leverage offered) before you choose a broker for forex trading.

We have also discussed why forex is so popular as a way to make online income and one of those reasons is the ability to use leverage – and we have included a section on the pros and cons of using leverage when trading. Remember that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk, and you will be trading with borrowed money basically!

Leverage can be complex and intimidating for less experienced traders. Hopefully this post has helped to demystify some of the confusing aspects around leverage and trading. And as I always say it’s always best to simplify your trading when it comes to technical analysis and indicators in order to become a consistent and profitable trader. And if you are not ready to start using leverage then keep it simple and keep learning.