Bull and Bear Markets

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Bull Market – have you ever seen the icon bull that stands at the tip of Wall Street? Did you ever wonder why it’s there?

It represents the market. When we say BULL market it means that it’s soaring, the market is booming.

You might also frequently hear people say the “market is bullish”, it’s the same thing.

When the market is on a bull run – we want to look to enter long (going up).

Bear Market – (nothing to do with the actual bear but with the middleman way back when) – this means the market is heading south. It’s going downnnnn.

You will hear the terms such as, ‘the market is bearish,’ or ‘we are in a bear market.’

When this happens, for Future traders, we want to go short, we want to see the market continue down.

down trend:consolidation

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Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

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