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Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day? Everything You Need To Know

There are a ton of questions when we first start reading or learning about trading. One of the most common is: Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day?

And is a good question, but don’t worry anymore, we are going to explain that to you.

Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day

So Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day?

The short answer is a big “no”, but don’t get scared there are a ton of ways to go “around” this.

The ones who can’t buy and sell stock on the same day are the Retail Investors. They only can do it four times in five business days. This goes by the name of the pattern day trader rule.

Of course, the investors can avoid this rule by buying at the end of the day and selling the very next day. This way a investor can hold their precious stock for less than 24 hours while avoiding day trading rules.

Talking about day trading: Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day?

You must know that the action cited in the question Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day? Is called day trading, perhaps, this is not a bad thing or illegal or unethical.

Since day trading is a fast-paced trading style it comes with a lot of risks, and it’s a bit complicated. (BTW we have a nice course about this, take a look).

So, day trading is that, buying a stock and selling it in a short range of time. You should know that the day traders are bound under the wing of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

The downside of this is that some accounts are restricted for day trading

If this one is your first time, or you’re a beginner investor. The most common answer for Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day? It is that your account may contain some restrictions.

So, your broker is not allowing you to day trading, but it’s based on of the account you have. This is a way to prevent that you run wild doing advanced trading strategies. Or trying to invest in volatile securities that are illiquid.

This is not the end, don’t worry, you can lift the restrictions any time you want

Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day

You feel prepared to swim in to the shallow water of the advanced trading strategies. You’re an experienced trader, don’t worry, you can ask your broker to lift the restrictions from you.

Some brokers don’t any problem lifting the trading restriction out of the account. But some of them will wait until you have completed a given number of trades. Other brokers will take a look on your financial standing and remove or loosen the restriction for you.

Remember you can always take a look around if you still think that your broker is too restrictive. You may find a more compatible broker for your trading style.

There are other option for your broker to restrict your account, The Violation of Reg-T

In some cases the broker have the word to restrict your account for day trading. Only if you have a cash account or margin account with a Reg T violation.

You must be thinking “but The Trader Chick” what is Reg-T, and how can avoid violation? Well, the Reg-T is a regulation rule.

Put into simple words Regulation T says how much money can an investor borrow of the buy price of securities. That would 50% of the buy price. The other 50% is on the investor side, we need to fund it with our own cash.

Easy, huh? We are going to cover some other questions related to Can You Buy And Sell a Stock In The Same Day?.


What happened if I Repurchase a Stock After It Is Sold?

There’s a wide range of investors that sell stocks to take the capital loss for a tax write-off.

As long as it’s not a wash sale the declines in the stock investment can be used to set off gains made in other positions.
A Wash Sale is a rule that come from the IRS. And it says that you need to wait 60 days before buying the same stock that you recently sold. If you don’t wait the 60 days, in case of a loss it will not count as a tax write-off.

What happens if I buy and sell a stock the same day?

Well, you’re a Day Trader.

A Day Trader buy and sell stocks in the same day, the market fluctuate every single day. And that’s what the day trader try to take advantage of.

How long do you have to wait to buy a stock after selling it?

60 days.

If you sold a stock you must wait 60 days to buy the same stock you sold the other day, this way you avoid the wash sale. In case you buy back the same stock before the 60 days rules. Your loss will not go through as a tax write-off, in case of a profit this rule will not apply by any meanings.

Can I buy and sell shares immediately?

Yup, you can.

You can buy and sell shares immediately in the stock markets, this is called day trading.