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Lego Stock: Are They a Publicly-Traded Company?

Lego is one of the few companies that doesn’t need an explanation, everyone knows what a Lego is and how they work, it’s self-explanatory. When it comes to toys, Lego is one of the most popular brands in the whole world, achieving incredible success each year. The company has expanded greatly with parks and many other things. So, there’s no wonder why you’re thinking about purchasing Lego stocks, it looks like a great investment. Can you trade Lego stock?

many lego bricks of different colors

You may have already searched for “Lego stock” on Google and come up with some results showing a stock chart labeled LEGO and listed on NASDAQ. If you can find a chart that easily, it usually means it’s a publicly-traded company.

BUT don’t get too excited, despite the name that stock is not The Lego Group, that stock doesn’t even belong to a toy company. The LEGO stock by NASDAQ is owned by a company called Legato Merger Corp, not the toy maker. In fact, The Lego Group company is a private company.

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A bit of backstory

The Lego Group started back in 1932, but it didn’t sell plastic bricks back then, despite being a toy company, it began selling wooden toys and was founded by a carpenter called Ole Kirk Kristiansen. In 1947, after WWII, the company started to sell plastic bricks. The success and acceptance were massive, and the company soon started to expand worldwide.

Nowadays, The Lego Group reported a 13% year-over-year increase in gains to almost $ 7 billion USD or $2 billion per quarter. Being the holidays, the larger provider of returns. Many people claim that this’s due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people were inside their homes and looking for things to do, let’s face it, LEGO is a good option.

Who owns Lego shares?

The biggest shareholder of The Lego Group is the Kirkbi A/S, a holding, and investment company of the founder’s family, owning 75% of Lego’s shares. The remaining 25% is owned by The Lego Foundation, an organization that’s focused on kids and empowering them t be more creatives.

We can safely say it’s a family company, since, the deputy chairman (Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen) and the board chairman (Thomas Kirk Kristiansen) are both direct familiar with the company founders, being its grandson and great-grandson.

The Kristiansen family owns the majority share of the company and has also established a humanitarian organization. It seems unlikely that they would give up any major part of the company to the public.

Can You Buy Lego Stock Shares?

No, you can’t buy or sell Lego shares, since it’s a private-owned company there’s no Lego stock in existence, and it has been a private-owned company since its opening. The Lego Group is an industry leader and a recognized brand that doesn’t need an introduction.

The company has achieved many things, like many parks, world competitions, and a HUGE community that backs it up. Unfortunately, there’s no news about the company going public-traded, so there’s not going to be a Lego stock any time soon.

The Lego Group has been performing increasingly well over time, and all the perks it has to offer, on top of the acceptance of the public, have helped the company to avoid seeking capital from the public market.

Despite that, there’s no doubt that a Lego stock would be super popular among its fan base, and parents looking to build a kid’s portfolio, adding other popular stocks like Disney, and Roblox.