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Bonds Trading

In the world of trading, you will hear a lot about bonds, It’s an outstanding way to invest and make money. Basically, bonds allow you to loan your money to a company, corporation, or government of your choosing.

If you want to learn more about bonds, like what are bonds? or how to invest in them, and the type of bonds, stick around. Here you can find all you need to know about bond trading.

What Are Municipal Bonds?

What Are Municipal Bonds? Municipal bonds are basically IOU’s from local municipalities with interest rates. Normally this is paid via the taxpayers’ money that comes into the local areas. The downside is that they are not guaranteed by the local …
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What are US Treasury Bonds?

US Treasury bonds are for when the United States Government is borrowing money from people. Considered to be the safest investment out there.  There are a few benefits to this bond purchase – the greatest of all is that it’s …
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What are Corporate Bonds?

Corporate bonds function like this – when businesses and corporations are looking for lenders. They don’t want to go public and sell their shares or parts of their company publicly, but they do need money to borrow. Mostly it’s when …
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What are Bonds?

What is a bond? Bonds are considered to be the less risky of the two choices: Stocks and Bonds. However, understanding exactly how bonds work is an interesting concept. Unlike stocks which you buy into the company, with a bond you actually …
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