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Day Trading Terminology

Day trading lingo or terminology is one of the first things an aspiring trader needs to get familiar with, learn it like the back of their hands. You will be seeing those terms all along your journey.

Learn day trading terminology, and you will be one step closer to profit. Here you can find all those terms, simplified. Understand what other pro traders are talking about.

From what is a long position, to what are market trends and more!

What is a Limit Order in Day Trading?

Limit orders are the second-easiest thing to understand when it comes to investing. Market orders are the first. Plainly put, limit orders are prices that you want to pay for an instrument. Let’s say you head to a store and after …
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What is a Trading Platform?

How to Start Day Trading? This is the holy grail for traders. There are many MANY different trading platforms. The best way to choose the right one will be once you have decided on your market segment. For me, since …
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What is a Support Area in Trading?

Exactly the opposite of a resistance area, the support area is on the floor, the bottom. The Support area is a floor that is formed by pivots (price action) hitting over and over again. Anything more than 3 pivots is …
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