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Day Trading Futures

Futures trading has many advantages like futures are highly leveraged investments, the market is very liquid and the most amazing commissions are very low. But many stock traders have a huge fear for them. Many investors tag futures as “complicated” or “hard to trade”, the truth is that they are all misconceptions, and I’m here to simplify your futures trading.

Here you can find everything you need to learn more about futures, emini, micro emini, and more. From what is a emini? To a full emini futures guide and more. Start trading emini futures for a living.

How To Do Futures Technical Analysis

. . PREFER TO READ IT? Full Transcript Technical analysis for Futures Trading I will do technical analysis for futures trading and start giving quick recaps of the way the market moves and understanding how to read the market and …
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Emini Futures Contract Trading Made Easy

Since inception, E-mini trading has grown significantly, with millions of contracts traded daily on electronic platforms around the world. E-mini contracts have become an important part of global financial markets, offering liquidity, flexibility, as well as efficient price discovery. And …
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