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The first thing to know is that day trading is not like investing, and it’s something that the Securities and Exchange Commission makes very clear.

Investing involves a fundamental analysis of company stock in order to find a good long-term project to hold their shares while day trading is buying and selling on the same day.

One of the biggest advantages of investing is that investing is less risky than day trading but is a lot less profitable. Here you can find some tips and articles about investing and more

Best Books About Crypto for Beginners

The cryptocurrency market has seen a bump in popularity in the last few years, bringing a ton of opportunities in many different ways, not only trading. Despite that, many people are still not aware of the potential you can find …
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How Much Does a Brick of Gold Cost?

Investing in gold bars is considered one of the best investment decisions that you can make. As an individual looking for suitable investment options, one of the choicest options available to you is to invest in gold. Gold is a …
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How to Buy Ethereum in Prague?

Those who have never used cryptocurrency before may associate the crypto market with Bitcoin only. However, we all know well that there are many cryptocurrencies, and some of them, such as Ethereum, is growing fast and getting more and more …
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