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Daily Beauty Routine – The Trader Chick’s Recommendations

Daily Beauty Routine – The Trader Chick’s Recommendations

This is truly embarrassing!

Not even sure how to admit this publicly.

Since I started my day trading journey I have noticed that the most important thing that lacked in my life was consistency.

And as the old adage goes ‘What you do in one area of your life, you do in all areas of life’.

What a wake up call that was. In trading if you lack consistency you can pretty much kiss all your profits away. And if you fuck up in trading, unlike in life, the consequences come quickly and fiercely. You can literally lose your entire fortune all because you lacked consistency in a plan (or routine or structure – however you want to call it) that you have honed over a certain length of time.

Interestingly enough, I realized that my beauty and self care not only lacked consistency, but there was absolutely no real routine for me to follow.

Sure I had a plan in my mind, but it was never written out (like goals, plans, routines) should be. And definitely never executed.

And even though I am blessed with good skin and youth even in my forties, I’m still in my forties and if I don’t get it together and start following a beauty plan (of any kind) with consistency, I might age as quickly and fiercely as fortunes are lost with lack of follow through and consistency in day trading.

Why a Daily Beauty Routine Needs Consistency to be Effective

I might sound sagely. But trust me when I say this, I didn’t realize about the dire need for consistency and discipline in trading until the losses started piling on and it was simply cause I didn’t stick to the plan.

But one thing with trading was that I actually have a plan. Unlike my beauty regiment.

Time to figure out what works best.

1. The most important thing I realized, don’t overload the daily routine

2. Start slow – morning beauty routine and nightly beauty routine

3. Yes, I know, there should be a routine in place for daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly – but this is when overload comes in to play and nothing gets accomplished

4. Back to #1

Basic Morning Beauty Routine

NOTE to SELF – Get a post-it and put it on my mirror, or better yet, my computer desk since I can go days without even looking in the mirror with what needs to be done. Or better yet – Google Calendar for the reminder.

1. Wash face – I have read in several places its best not to cleanse with soap in the morning, but a quick cold water wash helps get the blood moving

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – so here’s the interesting thing I’m learning.

If you plan on going out right away the only thing you need to put on is a sunblock moisturizer. Or if you are putting on makeup, moisturize first, then a foundation with SPF 15 and up. You can double up and do a moisturizer and foundation with sunblock in it.

In my case I don’t leave the house until much later, meaning the effects of the sunblock would be totally worn off if I did it first thing in the morning.

Soooo, I found out that pure Vitamin C serum is simply perfect for skin – especially in the morning.

I immediately ran out and got me some.

3. Brushing my teeth – another embarrassing admission, but one I have to own up to. I don’t brush my teeth until usually midday. Since I work at home, and everyone is gone from the house, I don’t bother with the brushing of the teeth until I have to leave the house. I’m still on the fence about this one if I care enough to do it as part of my morning routine. I feel as long as I do it, I’m good.

Basic Nightly Routine

1. Brushing my teeth – ok, this is the worst part of it – I don’t brush my teeth at night. I know it is a crucial aspect of nightly routine – but since I don’t have one – this simply has fallen through the cracks for the past so many years, I can’t even remember the last time I did it. But am now making a point of doing it nightly.

2. Flossing – I actually used to do this quite regularly. But then I moved my floss to my travel bag and have been horrible about it. So I’ve taken it back out and it is now becoming part of the nightly routine.

3. Cleansing– ok, there is no way around this anymore. This is a huge must-do. Getting rid of all the crap of the day from the face is probably the most important thing outside of moisturizing.

4. Toner – I’m totally on the fence about this one. I bought a toner two years ago and it looks about as new now as it did back then. All I need to do is soak a cotton ball and rub over my face. So at least I can do it until the bottle is finished and then decide if I want to get another one.

5. Night Creaming up – so this is where it can get a bit tricky. Even though I don’t have any nightly routine, I do know about the important creams to use: Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Retinols, Anti- wrinkle cream.

Reading a lot about Retin A and Glycolic acid its not at all recommended to use them constantly. More like go for one week on, one week off. And so on.

So I need to have my cream ready for the week and stick to that one until its time to change it up.

6. Eye Cream – this one is kind of a given. There are hundreds of different creams to use, so you need to find the ones that work best for you, but use it religiously.

7. Lip treatment – I actually just use plain old petroleum jelly. It’s one of those things that are simply good for all uses.

Tips on Organizing if You Do Need to Change Creams

Since I can barely keep up with what has to be done daily, I have started using my Google Calendar for much more than just my meetings and daily reminders. I now use it for when to change up my Retin A and Glycolic acid and switch to normal nightly, anti-wrinkle creams or serums. Huge help, and one less thing to think of.

Simplification is key. Consistency is foundation to everything – especially beauty.

How to Learn Day Trading

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Daily Beauty Routine - The Trader Chick's Recommendations