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Day Trading Psychology






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Mindfulness and day trading. Did you ever think that becoming a day trader can set you on a spiritual journey? This video I’m gonna go over exactly why mindfulness and day trading actually go hand in hand. And without that mindfulness, that awareness, you’ll be setting yourself up for some serious losses.

Are you ready to learn some tricks and how to have confidence and ease in becoming a day trader?

Do you know that one of the biggest things that changed in my life after I started to day trade? Spirituality.

I know it sounds completely crazy. And what how does day trading even bring you on a spiritual path? So the thing is, day trading is so. So in the moments that you are almost forced to become mindful and the way you develop mindfulness is through meditation, through becoming more aware.

Being in the moment, mindfulness is actually exactly that. It’s being completely aware, being completely in the moment of what is happening right this second.

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Day Trading and Psychology and Mindfulness

It’s not about, oh, I think the market is going to go up or down the same as, oh, I think my son is going to go to university or maybe he’s going to go on another path.

You have no idea what the future is going to do for you, even what the next hour is going to bring. And day trading is even more intense in that respect because you have no idea what the next bar, what the next movement is going to be.

It’s a very good example. This is obviously moving up. Right. So you would think, OK. So the market has to continue moving up and you’ll probably continue taking trades going higher and higher because you think what’s going to happen.

But if you watch the market in the moment and be really, really here right now, right here, picking up all of the signs, all of the movements right here, look at this.

I’m starting to notice that the market is starting to give me signals. I’m seeing divergence here. To me, that is a signal that something is happening. Yes. Maybe in the future it’s going to go up.

But I don’t care what goes on in the future. I care what is happening right now. And if I was to enter a trade right here going up, I would be in a lot of trouble. Right. I would be really stressed out because the market has now come to an almost dead stop. Look at this and that you have to focus.

You have to understand what is happening in the moment. And the wait that happened for me is, first of all, giving up what? The future? Right. Whenever we think of the future in general in any way, it stresses us out. Right. The anxiety, the uncertainty of it.

However, in our faces right now, I’m going to focus on the market, because that is so clear. It’s so in the moment that right now the signs are telling me that it’s not going up. And that’s okay, you know? Yeah.

Granted, the momentum has been going up and it’s been strong. But why do I need to say that it should do this or that? Why not just be here and say, OK, this is what it is. This is what’s happening right here, right now. And this is why I am not going to speculate.

I’m not going to be concerned about what the future is holding for me. Now, if you bring this type of an attitude, this type of a mindfulness, this type of an awareness in your everyday life. It happens with everything that we do, right? We have all these amazing plans.

Let’s say if you have children. For them to do this or to do that, you know, and you start to concern yourself about what’s happening in the future and then they walk and they trip and all of your plans are gone. Yeah, it’s great to have some plans, but because they shouldn’t be doing this, they should be doing that instead of what is really happening right now.

And when that trip happens, you get even more angry at the situation because they shouldn’t be OK. No, they shouldn’t. What should be is what is and that does not happen. Just like that, that actually happens from a very insightful way of thinking and that comes from mindfulness and meditation.

And I’ll be honest with you before I started day trading. I would have left as somebody if they told me that day trading would bring me to this particular way of life moment focus in my life to mindfulness.

I didn’t know what mindfulness was, but somehow it brought me here. Becoming a day trader has transformed me simply because it’s so in the moment. It’s probably one of the only real things that are in the moment outside of being in a surgical situation. As a doctor or maybe an athlete, that has to be so in the moment right there.

A lot of things in life do not give us that absolute necessity to be in the moment. And that takes us away to flying all over the place and not enjoying what’s really happening and not thinking what should be. But instead of this is what is happening.

I just wanted to do this video to show you how spiritual day trading could become and how in the moment and how peaceful it actually is. I will show you right here. This is an action that makes you simply sit and be still. Because you cannot do anything. And instead of concerning, oh, my God, I should be getting in. I should be doing that.

[00:Actually, just being still. It’s probably the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself and for the market at the moment.

So I hope that it actually that day trading takes you on such a transformational journey as well. So enjoy the video. Subscribe to the channel and get a lot more fun videos coming your way and check out the trader chick dot com.

Remember, excuses are over. It’s time to trade. See you later, Marina. The trader chick.

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Day Trading Psychology