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How to Understand and Overcome Day Trading Addiction


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Hey, day traders, it’s Marina the trader chick. And I am here to simplify your day trading. Today. We’re going to talk about is day-trading addictive?.

Addictive is a pretty strong word. So I really want to talk about it.

All right, guys, stick around because I’ve got a lot of fun stuff to cover about day trading addiction. And is it a good thing or is it a bad thing before we start, make sure that you subscribe below and also hit that notification button because every week I’ve got the coolest simplifying day trading hacks for you.

All right, let’s find out, ‘Is day-trading addictive?’.

Is Day Trading Addictive?

Is day trading addictive? In a nutshell, yes, it really is.

It really, really is. Because when it comes to addictions; not all addictions are bad addictions, right? You could be addicted to your partner because you love them, and you’ve got this adrenaline flowing when you are with them.

You could be addicted to doing something fun, right? It’s adrenaline. Yes. The majority of addictions are not great. So when you talk about addiction, I don’t want to bias if it’s a good one or a bad one.

The main general question here is, is it addictive? And the reality and the answer is, yes.

However, the real question is, is it sustainable?

There are many things we can become addicted to and most of them are not good. But what about day trading addiction? Read on to learn more.
There are many things we can become addicted to and most of them are not good. But what about day trading addiction? Read on to learn more.

Addictions overall are not sustainable, right? Eventually, even with your lover, with whatever it is that you think is a good addiction, you eventually have to mellow it out because addictions can blow up and they are not sustainable.

They will take you in the wrong direction. Obviously, we know by hearing about addicts for alcohol, drug abuse, gambling, those are all addictions. Right. But like I said earlier, there could be fun addictions, but they are not sustainable.

Nothing is, you eventually need to make it a sustainable thing.

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So the reality with day trading, is it addictive? Yeah. But the question is, can that addiction become sustainable? And the answer to that is no. When you are doing this, this is a lot of new traders:

And the answer to that is no. When you are doing this, this is for a lot of new traders; they believe they need multiple screens and multiple instruments and all these indicators and software and all this stuff.

The reality is that our brains are not meant to go through this. This is a bad addiction. This is not sustainable. And I’ve been there.

And the best way I have found to overcome day trading addiction especially among newbies is to put the time in to develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of day trading principles and market movements. And with this foundation you are sure to develop into a consistent and profitable trader that won’t fall victim to the newbie trader pitfalls that are so common.

I had three monitors going on. I had over ten indicators going on. I was in constant analysis paralysis – constant.

You know, I love this one scene in this one show. It’s called King of Queens.

It’s an older show. It’s a really cute sitcom, a funny show. And the main character goes and buys this 96 inch screen and at the same time, he gets DirecTV, and he invites all his buddies to his house.

He has, like, a TV room, and they’re sitting there and every few seconds they’re flipping the channel. And one of his friends is like, ‘Stop, you’re going to trigger my epilepsy!’.

Guys, this is not sustainable. This is not sustainable.

A real day trader, pro day traders, they understand that their addiction, which I think the majority of day traders have gone through, most have fallen away because they realize it’s not sustainable, and they just can’t figure out how to do it sustainably.

Or they’ve lost all their money before they became sustainable.

They realized that you can do it in a calmer way, in a more sustainable type of away. So it can be definitely sustainable. But you also have to be really realistic. Okay. So it’s the same thing as an athlete, right?

Athletes also show symptoms of addiction to their training and competition but over time they mellow out and develop more sustainable training regimes. This is the approach you should take for day trading addiction too.
Athletes also show symptoms of addiction to their training and competition but over time they mellow out and develop more sustainable training regimes. This is the approach you should take for day trading addiction too.

Like athletes, when they first begin, they just throw themselves into it until they find training, a schedule, a strategy for the most effective training that they could give their bodies so that they can be the highest performance.

And it goes the same for day trading because here’s the reality, guys, endorphins. That’s what the majority of athletes, especially extreme athletes, those adrenaline junkies.

It’s that addiction of endorphins that keeps them going. But even they become tamer, or they die.

To be honest with you, adrenaline can shoot you like that. Or athletes, they go full force, they rip a muscle, they get injured. It’s not sustainable.

But you need to find sustainability. Okay.

Stop Addiction to Day Trading

So is it addictive? Yes. Is it sustainable? That’s the real question you need to ask yourself in order to stop trading addiction. So first and foremost, you need to begin with one thing that is going to help you become more sustainable, right.

That will also help get rid of all those thousands of stupid monitors and indicators that are totally useless, right.

Because they do not help you become a better trader.

In fact, becoming a better trader is achieved by simplifying day trading technical analysis and use of indicators – not adding more indicators, software and screens!


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Remember, it’s all about sustainability. You cannot have all that stuff going on and continue for a long time. It could be a very short-lived stint, which I don’t believe is your goal.

Okay. So even the best athletes in the world are the best for a reason. They put the time in to become the best. They have a strategy. They are not that addictive craziness.

They do specific things so that they don’t get injured, that they don’t burn out, that they laugh, that they make their careers sustainable, right? They master that craft. And they also have stamina.

And when you eliminate a lot of the shit that makes those addictions, that stamina is more sustainable, right? You’re not all over the place, you are more focused, you are more in place and you could go longer.

So addictiveness, in reality, is a disease. Day trading can become a disease, leading you to lose and donate all your money to the markets. So why is that?

Why does it happen like that? Because the reality with the majority of, quote, unquote people who say they want to be day traders is they don’t put in the work.

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They think I’m going to just go and trade all these different instruments. Right. And I have all these monitors going on, and they just lose everything because they can’t stay focused.

It's true that day trading can be addictive. But it's up to you to make it sustainable in order to find success.
It’s true that day trading can be addictive. But it’s up to you to make it sustainable in order to find success.

They’re not in real-time. If you don’t know your craft, you don’t know which instrument you want to follow again, you’re not going to be sustainable.

You’re not going to have that stamina to keep you moving forward. So you have full control over this. You want to be a real day trader one that is sustainable and continues this and actually makes us a career.

Then you need to decide. Do you want addiction and pretend with all these monitors and all these cool software and indicators and gadgets?

Or do you want to make it sustainable? That’s up to you.

So again, is it addictive? Yes, but is it sustainable? That’s up to you?

I’m Marina the Trader chick. I want to know your take on this. Are you addicted?

Or is this something that you want to make sustainable?

Final Thoughts

So to wrap this up, it’s true that day trading addiction is real and yes, you can become addicted to day trading. Just as you can become addicted to bad habits like gambling or drugs.

But with day trading addiction, it more often manifests among newer traders and their tendency to think that adding more software and screens is the best way to trade.

This is not sustainable! 

Profitable and more experienced traders understand the potential for day trading addiction and they can handle this by focussing on the fundamentals and their system of trading.

And after reading through this post I believe you are in a better position to handle day trading addiction and to finally become a profitable trader through simplicity and consistency.

Comment below and remember, subscribe every week I have new simplifying day trading hacks and tips that help you simplify your trading.