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Day Trading Lingo – Word of the Day – Indicators

Day Trading Lingo – Word of the Day – Indicators

How to start day trading?

This is what you will be using on your chart to help you see the green lights for your entries.

There is a myth that you need to have many indicators and many flashing lights.

It’s a MYTH!

I use 2 indicators

1. EMA line – exponential moving average
2. MACD’s – to show me the strength of the movement of what is happening with the price action, it’s a great spot for confirmation or for indication that it’s slowing down

You can certainly use more and different kinds.

There are 100’s of indicators.

But my FIRM RECOMMENDATION chose 2 at most 3 and stick with them.

you really REALLY don’t need more than that

otherwise you get into analysis paralysis and that kills everything!

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how to start day trading

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