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How To Do Meditation for Traders in 3 Easy Steps


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Hey, traders, it’s Marina the trader chick. And today I want to talk about meditation for traders. 

It’s not as hard as you think. 

I get this question asked by so many people. How do I start?

Oh, my God, it seems so complicated! 

Well, I’m going to simplify it for you completely today. 

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And also, remember, meditation is truly excellent for day traders to practice controlling our thoughts and emotions which is so crucial for trading to avoid FOMO and panic.

But success in trading all begins with a strong foundation in learning the fundamentals of day training principles and how financial markets work. And with this knowledge (after putting in hours of practice and study), meditation will help you take your trading to the next level.

All right, guys, ready to learn how to meditate for day traders?

So before we hop in, I just want to make this really simple and fun for you because you know what? 

It’s only three tiny little steps. That’s it. 

Three quick, easy steps. Easy-peasy.

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How to do Meditation for Traders


All right, guys, step one. 

positioning yourself is step one in this guide to meditation for traders
Step one is to position yourself. You could be at your desk, on a couch, on the floor, on the bed or outside. Anywhere is fine.

Meditation for Traders – Step One Position yourself

First and foremost, you have to position yourself. You’ve got to find the right place. You know what?

It could be at your desk. It could be on a couch. It could be on the floor. It could be on the bed. It could be outside.

It doesn’t matter. But you do need to find that position where you are quiet, where you are all alone. 

And it doesn’t matter if it’s for three minutes or 20 minutes. I personally recommend just starting with three to five minutes. 

No more than that, it is more than enough to start with.

So remember, position yourself. Find the right place where you can do it.

Meditation for Traders – Step two, close your eyes

I personally prefer closing your eyes.

You don’t really need to, but I prefer to close my eyes and then start to breathe. 

Really complicated. Right? 

Like, really hard stuff going on there. So close your eyes and breathe.

All right

Meditation for Traders – Step three, counting

So basically, once you close your eyes, you literally just count your breaths. A lot of people just like to do, in, for each breath, one.

And on the exhale, you could still say one. Or you could do two. 

closing your eyes is step 2 in this guide to meditation for traders
Closing your eyes is step two in this guide to meditation for traders.

Or you could just do one altogether. If you don’t like to count, you could say “in and out” in your head, obviously. 

It’s literally bringing yourself back to your breath. And that’s it.

I do recommend putting on a timer. This way you’re not constantly thinking, how long have I been doing this? 

Keep your eyes closed. And here’s the secret, guys. 

Whenever you start to wander, and you will, because that’s our mind, it’s totally normal.

Do not punish yourself for it. Because then you’re completely out of the whole meditation. You just say, ‘oh, my mind just wandered, I’ll bring it back to my breath’. 

That’s meditation, guys, it doesn’t matter if it’s a three-minute meditation or a ten-minute, ten-hour meditation. It’s all the same because your mind is going to wander. 

You come back to the breath. Mind wanders.

You bring it back to the breath and that’s it. 

So remember, position yourself. Close your eyes. 

Start to breathe, start to count. And whenever your mind wanders, bring it back to the breath and continue the counting. 

Easy-peasy that’s meditation for day traders.

combine physical exercise with mediation for traders for even better results
Physical exercise can complement meditation for traders by reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Helpful Tips: Meditation for Traders

So you now you have a simple 3 step process to get started with meditation for traders.

But to help you really develop this extremely valuable habit for traders here are 6 tips so that you can get the most out of you meditation and stay consistent with it long enough so that it becomes a habit and part of your trading routine.

a) Schedule Regular Meditation Time 

Set aside specific times during your day for meditation. This could be before the market opens, during lunch breaks, or after trading hours. Consistency is key.

b) Start with Short Sessions 

If you’re new to meditation, start with shorter sessions (e.g., 5-10 minutes) and gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable.

c) Use Guided Meditations 

Consider using guided meditation apps or recordings designed specifically for traders or for focus and concentration. These can provide structure and guidance during your meditation sessions.

d) Stay Consistent 

Like any skill, meditation improves with consistent practice. Aim to meditate regularly, even on days when trading is particularly busy or stressful.

e) Combine Meditation with Exercise 

Physical exercise can complement meditation by reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. Consider incorporating activities like yoga, walking, or other forms of exercise into your routine.

f) Reflect and Adjust 

Periodically reflect on how meditation is impacting your trading performance and overall well-being. Adjust your meditation practice as needed to better suit your needs and goals.


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And remember, meditation will definitely compliment and improve your day trading. But you need to start off with putting in the time in learning and practicing day trading. And the best way to do this in my opinion is to simplify day trading technical analysis, indicators and strategies.

This way you can consistently practice and learn and develop your own profitable trading system over time. 

And meditation for traders will help in taking your trading to the next level!