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Day Trading Routine: Daily Preparation for Your Trading Day


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Day Trading Routine

Hey, it’s Marina, The Trader Chick, and I want to talk to you about preparing for your trading. You cannot just open your charts and start shooting bullets, right? You have to prepare and something here I’m gonna talk about it is not what you think it is. And this is going to completely change your entire trading game. 

How I prepare for my trading day

And I guarantee you it’s not what you think. So check it out. Okay. You guys,  preparation is not what you expect. So there was this meme one time of Michael self preparing for his races, right, which he ended up winning a gold metal for. And people were laughing at it and making fun of it because that’s what he was sitting there, basically what he was doing. He was visualizing. You could visualize with your eyes open or not. He was visualizing whatever it took for him to get to where he got.

And we’re not talking about the years of training, obviously. But his preparation before the actual race was something that was different from many others. Right. And even though people were making fun of it, I call those ignorant people because that’s the reason why he won, Michael Phelps versus why we don’t know about the people who are making fun of him, right? It’s the preparation that goes before you start your race, your trading day, whatever this is, what makes you a successful person is those preparation rituals.

It is not getting in front of your chart and just going at all, because if you’re not prepared, you’re not going to get there. So let’s talk about those preparations. 

Right. So when you’re preparing for the marathon, there is a preparation for it, right? You could definitely spend months or whatever amount of time you are going to be preparing for your marathon in training. However, when you get to the marathon, you can’t just jump in. Right. And I know that quite a few people just start running or start whatever and what happens? They don’t prepare properly for the actual race over that day. They don’t do their warm-up.

Furthermore, they don’t do their stretching and within, like, maybe 5 miles, 10 miles because, you know, the marathon is 26 miles. They have a ripped hamstring. They have a Quadra set that hurts. They’re cramping up, all that training that they’ve done all that work for no reason because they didn’t do the preparation. They didn’t do their warm-up.

They didn’t do the stretches, they didn’t do what was necessary for them to stay in the game, and all their preps out the window. Right. So this is something that you need to understand first and foremost. And I have a video specifically on this really, really talking about clarity in your mind and mental strength. So make sure that you check it out.

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You have to clear your mind. Guys, you cannot be bringing in your garbage that you’ve just had a fight with somebody or if you’ve had a tragedy, you cannot be bringing that to the table. You cannot bring that to the charts because you will be spit out and thrown out within minutes because you are not there. Your mind is not clear, you are not at the moment. So yes, you need to prepare your mind.

You cannot have all this buzzing going around. You need to be clear. Your mind needs to be ready for the day.

Meditation for Day Trading

Breathing exercises or meditation. If you think about it, it’s pretty much the same thing, right? And yes, it is the most important thing.

And if you talk to any pro traders, they will up unanimously in unison. Using meditation, yoga, yoga. Meditation are very similar. Right. But let’s say you only have five minutes to meditate.

That alone will help with the clearing of the mind. And if you’re sitting here thinking, “oh, my gosh, I don’t know what to do for meditation”. It’s literally breathing. It’s literally counting your breath, put on the time or for five minutes and just count your breath. One, maybe one when you’re in to when you’re blowing out, or just one for the whole.

I guess the repetition of the breath and that’s it. And when your mind starts to wander, and it will because we’re humans, it’s okay. Just bring it back to the breath. And pretty much that meditation in a nutshell. So just dedicate three to five minutes.

It’s not a lot of time, but it will completely, completely change your game. I guarantee that. Okay. Sit in a quiet space and just give yourself those few minutes of breathing and only focusing on the breath comfortability. How many people actually talk about comfortability?

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Okay. Who here has a comfortable setup, a comfortable table where you could sit, and you’re comfortable. You’re not weird. Your posture isn’t off. Your butt isn’t numb.

This is so important, and no one talks about this. But your workspace is everything. How can you be a good trader if your workspace sucks? If there’s a lot of commotion going on, you need to be separate. You need to close that door if you want to.

I actually have some students that go in their car and trade. No joke, because that’s the client spaces, and they’re comfortable. They lean back, they move the car. See, they have their set up there, but they’ve arranged it, and it’s okay. There is no designated workspace, right?

But you need it. You need that comfortability. You have to do it. Otherwise, forget it

Check Financial News

You need to check the financial news that is happening at the moment.

And I’m not talking about CNBC or Marketplace with all the different promotions. The news that is pertinent to your specific trading. What you are trading, you need to be on that particular thing. Otherwise, you’re going to miss out on a big news event that’s happening, and it’s gonna totally make your market go erratic and you’re not going to know why it takes 1 second to check it, but you also know. Okay, at this hour, there’s going to be some serious news discussion.

I should probably sit out because I don’t know what the market is going to do, and that’s part of the preparation. You have to be on top of it. And now the important thing. Time to work the charts. Oh, my God.

Take Your Time

How many people sit in front of those charts and start shooting? No, you need to open your charts. You need to give yourself five to eight minutes of watching the charts. I don’t care if there are two or three great trades at that moment that happens. Guess what?

There are many fantastic other trades. I actually call it FOMO in trading because people have the fear of missing the trade, and I have a video on it that you need to check out to make sure you check that video out. Because fear of missing a trade is a real thing. And when you open those charts, you have to get rid of that fear because it doesn’t exist because there are so many other trades coming and just let your mind get into the chart. Otherwise, you will start losing,  you do not want to start your day on a losing note.

And I’ve, you’ve been there. So let’s avoid that. Give yourself some time. I actually want to know how much time do you guys give yourself when you sit in front of your charts before you actually start to engage and really take trades right below. Comment below.

Let me know. I want to know when to trade. You need to also understand there are good times to trade, right? There is a morning session, an afternoon session. Premarket session.

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You need to know that time, and you need to prepare yourself for that, because if you want to go in, if you’re usually a premarket trader, and you want to go in an afternoon trading session, so they’re going to be different volatility. So you need to prepare yourself and adjust your mind for that.

Healthy Food

Okay. So you need to understand when to trade, and that is very important. And your liquids and your solids.

Guys, you gotta have food. Just think of a car. A car does not run without gas. If you are not putting healthy stuff into your body, maybe, you know, good smoothie, good fruit, healthy foods. And instead, you’re giving yourself greasy stuff.

Carbohydrates artificial crap. You’re gonna be down. You’re going to be feeling crappy. You’re going to be out of energy before you even begin. So this is really important.

Have that ready for you so you can maybe much on a grave. Take an Apple, drink a smoothie. How green tea, whatever works for you. But you need to have that setup. It is part of your preparation ritual.

You need to be ready for it. Okay. It’s really important and super important. And this is a bonus hack that you cannot miss.

Be prepared

Alright, you need to have your broker. You need to have your platform software phone numbers on hand right there. Because what if your electricity goes out? What if your internet goes out? What if anything happens, and you’re not in your chart, and you’re in a live trade? You hop on that call immediately and stop it, and they will usually stop it for those reasons.

So you need to have that and that is part of your preparation should be right here on your desk. Mine is right here and in my phone. Boom. I can immediately call them instantly because it happens.

What do you guys do? What other stuff do you do? That is part of your ritual. I want to know.

Let’s all help one another, and I have many videos that give you all these different kinds of information. Really focusing on the different cool secret hacks to simplify your trading and to help you become a profitable consistent trader and make sure you comment below and subscribe, so you get all these different cool tips that I am offering you. And don’t forget, you can always write me. You could always ask me questions. I’m Marina the Trader chick, and I’m here to simplify your day trading.

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