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Day Trading Terminology

Day trading lingo or terminology is one of the first things an aspiring trader needs to get familiar with, learn it like the back of their hands. You will be seeing those terms all along your journey.

Learn day trading terminology, and you will be one step closer to profit. Here you can find all those terms, simplified. Understand what other pro traders are talking about.

From what is a long position, to what are market trends and more!

What is a Support Area in Trading?

Exactly the opposite of a resistance area, the support area is on the floor, the bottom. The Support area is a floor that is formed by pivots (price action) hitting over and over again. Anything more than 3 pivots is …
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What is Risk Management?

The absolute number one thing you must – MUST – implant and stick to if you are learning day trading for beginners. Or you will lose, and you will lose a lot. Every single trader has tried to buck this …
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Simplifying Day Trading LINGO

LISTEN IN YOUR CAR or ON YOUR HEADPHONES Prefer to read it? Full Transcription Hey, Traders, it’s Marina, the trader chick, and today we’re going to be talking about is day trading lingo. You know, sometimes when you’re just starting …
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What Is Forex Trading?

The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is a global market for buying and selling fiat currency pairs. It is the largest global market with $6.6 trillion in currency traded daily. If you’ve ever exchanged money while traveling, then you’ve participated in …
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