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Day Trading Terminology

Day trading lingo or terminology is one of the first things an aspiring trader needs to get familiar with, learn it like the back of their hands. You will be seeing those terms all along your journey.

Learn day trading terminology, and you will be one step closer to profit. Here you can find all those terms, simplified. Understand what other pro traders are talking about.

From what is a long position, to what are market trends and more!

What are Market Trends?

Trends and Momentum will be your best friends in trading when you know how to read them and spot what the changes are. Here is the breakdown of Market Trends: Strong trend going up – you see a run going …
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What is a Day Trader?

Day Traders only trade during one single day. They close out all their positions before the market close. Their charts are set to one to five to thirty minute intervals. Day trading is probably the most exciting part of playing the …
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What Is a Buy and Hold Investor?

A buy and hold investor are better known for having long term investments –  is probably the most common. Most people who have little training, or work with financial managers, are in this category. It requires the least amount of time …
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