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Day Trading Terminology

Day trading lingo or terminology is one of the first things an aspiring trader needs to get familiar with, learn it like the back of their hands. You will be seeing those terms all along your journey.

Learn day trading terminology, and you will be one step closer to profit. Here you can find all those terms, simplified. Understand what other pro traders are talking about.

From what is a long position, to what are market trends and more!

What are Precious Metal Funds?

Precious Metal Funds are considered to be one of the most volatile funds. Especially the precious metal funds that deal mainly with the Gold and Silver market. Along with other mining companies and metals and minerals. They mainly go up and down with inflation % and information. The best …
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What are Real Estate Funds – REIT’s?

What are Real Estate funds? Real Estate Funds are better known as REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust). Real Estate Funds focus specifically on all things in real estate. A huge benefit/bonus of owning in this sector is that they normally pay a …
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What Are Sector Funds?

Most stocks will be found in sector funds that can range from technology to schools to healthcare and more. What’s your pick of the week? Normally, you would start with what you understand most and enjoy. For example: You’re a …
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What is a Short Position?

Going Short, Baby? What is a Short Position? Taking short positions is definitely for the more advanced investor / trader. Chances are if you’re serious about trading, especially day traders, you will be doing MANY short positions. It is the …
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