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Never Under Estimate Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading Through Binary Options

The particular digital currency is also known as the cryptocurrency can be spent, saved, or invested. Trading with Cryptocurrencies used to be tricky, but the current trends show that it is becoming a massive hit the binary options industry. It … Continue reading

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What Every Trader Must Know About CFDs and Digital Options

Since its early introduction in the market in early 2008, trading with digital options has fascinated thousands of investors and traders around the world. Unlike other forms of trading, binary options are seen to be an easy way to trade. … Continue reading

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How Day Trading allows me to spend more time with my family and have financial freedom!

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Book Recommendation – Dying to Be Me

Why in the world am I writing about a near death experience book recommendation, Dying to Be Me, for a day trading journey? Here’s the thing, this book woke me the f*ck up! I don’t even know how I picked … Continue reading

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Channeling Markets – Day Trading Lingo of the Day

As we talked before about trends – going up, going down, and sideways, these can all be channels as well. Basically what a channel is, is where the pivots make a perfect channel between each other. When it is a … Continue reading

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