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Bad Habits of Traders – Profit Management – Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, the screwy thing that can happen is that we develop bad habits in trading before good ones. Profit Management – Or Lack There Of The second biggest, and can be more harmful to your emotional state … Continue reading

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Bad Habits of Day Traders – Risk Management Plan – Part 1

Here’s a weird fact about day traders. Almost all day traders, when starting out, develop bad habits before good habits. No one really understands this concept, but it seems to hold a universal truth. My theory, since I too fell … Continue reading

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Futures Charts and Indicators are a Girl’s Best Friend

The thing is, you don’t need many indicators! I, personally, only use two indicators (a moving average bar and MACD’s) that’s all, these are open to the public, are free for everyone to use (on any platform). Honestly, simplicity is key! … Continue reading

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What are Market Trends?

Trends and Momentum will be your best friends in trading, when you know how to read them and spot what the changes are. Here is the breakdown of Market Trends: Strong trend going up – you see a run going … Continue reading

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Ticks and Points – What in the World are These?

When trading the ES you will be referring everything to amount of ticks and points. Unlike with stocks which is in dollars, cents or points (which is simply dollars – one point is one dollar). NOT WITH THE ES MINI! … Continue reading

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