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Day Trading

Day trading is one of the most popular jobs out there, it can get really complicated. That’s why I’m here to Simplify Day Trading for you.

“95% of traders lose money” is one of the most popular statistics in the world of trading. LIES. You can find here some popular myths and all you need to know for starting your day trading journey


Trading Schedule for Futures

What is Trading Schedule in Futures Market? A good start to understanding what day futures trading is – is literally that, it’s getting in an out of positions in one day. Most day trading can be done within a few …
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What is a Day Trader?

Day Traders only trade during one single day. They close out all their positions before the market close. Their charts are set to one to five to thirty minute intervals. Day trading is probably the most exciting part of playing the …
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The Basics of Futures Markets

. . PREFER TO READ IT? Full Transcript Today was a quickie. A real, real quickie. The market has been flying high all day long. And then it came to. An exhaustion area, I guess you could call it. There …
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4 Rules for ES Mini Trading

Did you know there are four core rules to trading ES Mini? Yeap, just four. If you can master these four insanely crucial rules, you will definitely master trading. Related Read: Emini Futures Contract Trading Strategy Made Easy What are …
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