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Day Trading

Day trading is one of the most popular jobs out there, it can get really complicated. That’s why I’m here to Simplify Day Trading for you.

“95% of traders lose money” is one of the most popular statistics in the world of trading. LIES. You can find here some popular myths and all you need to know for starting your day trading journey


What Makes DEI Training So Important?

Projects promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion aim to broaden the scope of an organization’s membership and encourage the involvement of traditionally underrepresented groups. This may include discrimination based on sex, gender, color, handicap, age, or any other category of an …
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Best Books About Crypto for Beginners

The cryptocurrency market has seen a bump in popularity in the last few years, bringing a ton of opportunities in many different ways, not only trading. Despite that, many people are still not aware of the potential you can find …
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How to Buy Crypto Coins?

Due to their decentralized nature, crypto assets have gained enormous popularity, and their adoption is expanding. The fact is no one controls crypto rates, and no one can affect their supply. That is the reason why the market is so …
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