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Day Trading

Day trading is one of the most popular jobs out there, it can get really complicated. That’s why I’m here to Simplify Day Trading for you.

“95% of traders lose money” is one of the most popular statistics in the world of trading. LIES. You can find here some popular myths and all you need to know for starting your day trading journey


How to Use Excel for Trading Research

A trader’s work is never done. A good trader always looks for an edge even when the markets are closed. Many traders use Excel to research trading strategies and potential investments.  Excel can help you track your portfolio, monitor price …
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The Pros and Cons of Crude Oil Investing

Crude oil prices fluctuate daily and are subject to supply and demand shocks. Over the past several years, the world has experienced both. Crude oil prices dropped into negative territory as demand declined at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. …
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Can You Buy Red Bull Stock? 

Red Bull is one of the leading energy drinks in the world. So, there’s no doubt why you are wondering if you can own a share of the company since it looks like an outstanding investment. That’s why I wanted …
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