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Decision Making in Day Trading – Is It IMPORTANT?


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Hey, traders, it’s Marina, the trader chick. And today is Simplifying day trading hack and tip. What is being a day trader really about? So before I give you the full scoop, make sure that you subscribe below and comment. I would love to know, maybe you know what it is, and also hit that notification button because every week I’ve got some new awesome Simplifying day trading hacks for you.

Do you know who day traders are probably the closest to as far as careers? Trauma surgeons? Yeah, that’s a little bit of a weird comparison, I guess. But why is that? So here’s the deal, guys.

All right. When you want to be a doctor, you have to go through all these years of training, right. And when you become an actual general physician, a surgeon, a dermatologist, whatever. It’s a slower pace.

I guess you could say career, right? You’re still a doctor, but it’s a slower pace. However, what are trauma surgeons? Did you ever think of what a trauma specialist is? It’s the ER people, right.

It’s when there is a massive accident or something really crazy that happened, and you end up in the trauma section, the ER of the hospital. So what is a trauma specialist? Surgeons do? They make decisions they make right there at the moment, decisions that could literally be life or death decisions. Right.

Day Trading Can Be Stressful

The stress is high, the adrenaline is pumping, and that is a trauma surgeon. What are day traders? Day traders? I’m not talking about swing trading. I’m not talking about investing.

I’m talking about day trading and even more so, scalpers. What do we do? We make decisions we make in-the-moment decisions, right. And I always say always day trading is all about making decisions. It is 100% about making the right decision.

And don’t get me wrong. When I say about making the right decision, you could still make a good decision trade setup that goes in the wrong direction. That’s why it’s probabilities. It’s not about always being 100% correct profitable. No.

But it’s making the right decision because you have done the work. Trauma surgeons have done, the work. They have been put for years of understanding what is the best decision they have to make at the moment. And sometimes, unfortunately, the person dies. But they still made the right decision, right.

The same with day trading. You have to know what those steps are, the trading setups that you’re seeing, and then you have to make that decision, and it has to be the right decision again. It could still go in the wrong way. And that’s okay because the right decision has you protected with the risk management. You also know that that particular decision that you just made is at least 80% to 90%, a profitable one.

In this particular case, it was 10% or 20% not. And that’s okay. Then the next decision you make is, are you going to cry about it or are you going to be like I made the right decision? Now I want to watch for the next valid decision. That is what day trading is.

So what is day trading?

It’s about making the right decisions. And how do you make those right decisions that come through training, strategy implementation, and trust? Because trauma surgeons at the end of the day, when they’re coming up with those decisions, they need to trust that those are the best decisions, and they have to stand, be accountable for it and be responsible because it is all about making decisions. Now you go and make the right decision by starting your career as a day trader on the right path of learning and trusting your own strategy, and the rest will come to you.

I’m Marina The Trader chick, simplifying your day trading. So remember to comment below. What else do you want me to add on this or any feedback and make sure that you subscribe to the channel.