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Defi Portfolio Tracker that Puts People First

Defi portfolio tracking has come a long way since the early days when traders manually entered data into a spreadsheet because that was the only option. 

Then along came the earliest portfolio tracking apps, and traders began to adopt technology to make life easier. Manual portfolio management was time consuming, slow, and led to missed opportunities in the fast-paced world of defi. 

But the earlier tracking apps came with their own share of problems. Most had been adapted from apps designed for centralized finance, and many began life as desktop applications intended for traders who spent their days sitting at a desk. 

This led to buggy code and complex apps that were difficult to use, but they were still the best options on offer. 

Need for a purpose-built tracker

With the explosive growth of defi over the past couple of years, developers saw the need for purpose-built tracking. It needed to be built from the ground up for defi, with access to fast and accurate information that also provided a good user experience. 

Dexfolio answered the call with its tracking app, with special attention to UX/UI. Its developers saw the need for a defi-specific tracking solution that would sidestep many of the problems inherent in the current offerings. They envisioned an app that offered a beautifully designed, user-friendly dashboard, easy access to the most important information, and just enough features to avoid an overload. 

Smooth, fast, and people-friendly. That’s Dexfolio’s vision for its app, now and into the future. You can check it out here: https://www.dexfolio.org/blog-posts/defi-portfolio-tracker

An eye on the future

Defi is here to stay, and with many industries coming into the space, technology is set to explode to cater for their needs. 

Thus, it’s vital for Dexfolio and other developers to stay one step ahead of industry needs and trends or risk being left behind. As Web 3.0 gains pace, users expect interoperability between chains, and any apps or chains that remain isolated will eventually fade into obscurity. 

Of course, there are many hurdles that developers must face to stay in the game, but remaining relevant depends on their ability to navigate these obstacles. Any developer who plans to still be around in the next year or the next ten years must be looking ahead with a big vision for the future. 

An app for the next generation

Along with other developers, Dexfolio has a vision for the future, with plans to grow and add features as the needs of its community change. It will continue to consult with the community as a decentralized entity, and its future direction will be influenced by governance by the community. 

Many skeptics have surmised that cryptocurrency and defi in particular, are a flash in the pan. But critics said the same thing about television; it would apparently die out and would never replace the radio. 

Critics have always said that new inventions would fail, and to be fair, many have. But defi is here to stay, and the winners will be the people who recognize the size and strength of it before it becomes mainstream. It is currently moving at such a pace that it almost needs to slow down so users can catch up with it. Of course, no one has the power to stop it or slow it down, and that’s the beauty of decentralization. It belongs to the people rather than a centrally-managed entity with an agenda to control the world’s finances. 

People come first

People come first in Dexfolio’s way of thinking. All the bells and whistles are of no use if only experts or the highly experienced can use them. Accessibility for all is a core principle of decentralized finance, and it begins with creating user-friendly technology that enables industry newcomers to participate. 

Thus, developers are leading the way when it comes to the acceptance of defi as a mainstream financial option. By helping new users to get into the defi space, they are enabling it to grow and take shape, and are lowering the barriers of complexity that have kept many newcomers on the sidelines. 

A user-friendly app for portfolio management goes a long way towards dispelling the perception that defi is too complex for the average user and should be left for the experts. Although defi is not for the fainthearted due to the high risks involved, the high returns will potentially tempt more users to join the industry once they realize the technology is easy to use and understand. 

Dexfolio is proud to be working alongside other developers to help shape the future of the industry. By releasing streamlined technology that delivers a good user experience, its developers believe that they are bringing something worthwhile to the table and helping the industry to grow.