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Deliberation in Your Day Trading – Are You Doing It?


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Deliberate Practice in Trading

So you want to only work for two hours per day? That sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Yeah, and day trading, the reason why, you’ll be surprised. 

Are you ready to find out the reason why two hours is really the limit that you could go for? Hey, everybody, this is Marina, the trader chick. And I’m here with another cool episode of Confessions of a Trader Chick. OK, so we hear a lot of people say, oh, I only work an hour and a half a day, I only am trading for one or two hours per day.

We hear this quite a lot. Right. And it sounds really romantic. And, wow, I can’t believe it. And then I get a lot of people like that’s what I want to do. I only want to work one or two hours per day. You know what? It’s cool. But I want to explain to you the reason why it is only one and a half to two hours per day. First of all, I’m going to explain to you what I do. 

When you are an ES mini future trader. This what I do. However, it doesn’t only have to be only e-mini future traders. Scalper’s, what are scalper’s? Scalper’s look for really small profits in a short, very short period of time. When you are doing that, you are what I call in deliberate trading mode. What does that mean? All right. So let’s think about athletes, because I believe that trading and sports are very similar, OK?

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Example of deliberate practice in trading

Because it requires the same amount of deliberate effort. All right. So with sports, we actually use our bodies, right? It’s evident, but we’re trading. What we do is still a performance activity, but we use our minds. OK, now imagine Kobe Bryant or Michael Phelps, right? These are like the top of the top. Now, let’s see Michael Phelps, when he’s in the pool, he is giving it his all.

Right. He is leaving nothing out there. He is utilizing everything. Not only that, but he is so in the moment and such deliberate movement. Right. Everything is calculated. He is completely on. How long do you think Michael Phelps could last in that state of mind? Not that long, right? Probably for the majority of his races. And that’s about it. And after that, if he’s going to be doing anything, it is going to be subpar.

How about Kobe Bryant? Right. Same. It’s just a different sport. So he has more endurance. He has, you know, it’s a different kind of sport. But if he’s going to be on the court, usually what they’re like an hour and a half, two hours max, sometimes they get a little bit of breaks when they’re out there truly giving it their all. Him, especially Kobe Bryant, doesn’t leave anything out on the table.

Right. He leaves it all on the court. How long do you think he could possibly go? I don’t think he could last more than two hours. It’s just not possible. Right. Sure, he could train for eight hours, but that doesn’t make it as full on and hard core as the actual time that he is on the court playing. Right. An actual game, day traders. Those hour and a half, two hours, that is like our race, that is our competition, it is our game.

So when we are sitting here, especially for scalpers, it’s a little bit different if you’re swing trading or if you’re holding for the different kinds of targets. Right. We’re talking more of that full on in that moment. You can only literally, your mind does not work that much. And to be honest with you, in the beginning, you’re probably only going to be able to last for like one hour because it is so in the moment it is full on.

Another perfect example, rock climbers. Since my family is all rock climbers and full on climbers, my husband, my son’s competing, works right. When you’re climbing, when you are on that rock, right, even though my family does use harnesses, they are not free soloists every single day, they have to be. So in the moment, they have to be so attached to that rock because every movement counts, everything they do counts.

So they could only last probably for the length of the entire route, which usually. I mean, we’re not talking multipage, we’re talking just maybe one or two pitches at most, still a good 30 minutes right like that full on. And again, the multipage guys that you’re seeing, which I’m sure you have now seen, like Alex Honnold, because, you know, he’s known for doing the multi pitch and the crazy stuff. Not I’m not talking about the free solo stuff, even with the ropes in 18 hours, by the time we’ve heard of him, he’s already been training and climbing for maybe 10 to 15 years.

So he is trained enough. Know the majority of people that come to me that want to be traders, they haven’t done any real deliberate training or trading. Right. So if they can only probably start with forty-five minutes to one hour of really full on sitting in front of your charts and being full on. At this point, when it comes to doing is an hour and a half to two hours per day, maybe less now because I find the trades much faster, I put in five years of sitting in front of my charts, 10 to 13 hour days.

Not a good idea. Not at all a good idea. But that was part of my training, right? I didn’t a lot of it probably for the first year. It wasn’t even like at all, maybe even more, because I ended up losing money when I did go because I wasn’t trained properly. I didn’t even understand the deliberate trading was because I wasn’t mindful. I wasn’t in the moment. I wasn’t giving it my all. And when I started to give it my all, that’s when I realized what I can’t last longer than an hour and a half.

My mind physically cannot do it and I’m not. And I’m on supplements special, you know, I play memory games, you name it, to give my mind that activity. It doesn’t matter. After an hour and a half I’m spent, I am emotionally spent. And if you have some losing trades, which you will, it is an inevitability and you need to accept that. And that’s OK, because if you are playing with probabilities, and you’re losing twenty-five percent of the time versus the seventy-five percent you’re winning, it’s OK.

Right, because that’s part of day trading. However, let’s not fool ourselves when we do take those losses. That is extra drainage. It’s like basketball. It’s like Michael Phelps not finishing first. It’s like Kobe Bryant not hitting those, I don’t know, three pointers, whatever they’re called. I don’t really know basketball. They get dream. So now they’re even less energy. Right. So you cannot go for eight hours when you are going through all of these emotions and is full on activity.

Book Recommendation

So this is the reality. It’s called deliberate trading for a reason. There have been scientific studies about deliberate training, deliberate practice, awesome, awesome books that I recommend everyone read, because to understand what that is and first of all, learning the deliberate practice and training, it will completely change your entire game of trading. Two books, I recommend highly “Grit” get that book. Awesome, awesome read. And “Talent is overrated”. We are not born with talent.

We are not born with this. We develop it, we develop those skills. And that happens through deliberate training. And when we actually sit down, it’s called deliberate trading. You could only do it for about an hour and a half and I don’t care. That sounds romantic or not, but when you are actually really trading and you really understand what I’m talking about, you two will get what it means and then you can enjoy it and you could give it your all and leave nothing on the table.

Wrapping everything up

But you know what? You will know that you were the best trader that day. You guys have any questions? I’m constantly giving new updated videos, Confessions of a Trader Chick, because this is a reality. This is trading. And I want you guys to understand that. Please subscribe to my channel. Contact me. I love chatting with traders, thetraderchick.com. So please go for it. Tell me I want to hear it.

I want to know what you’re doing for your deliberate trading. Are you doing it right? Tell me right now. I’m Marina, the trader chick, subscribe. Write me thetraderchick.com.