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Difference Between Trading and Investing

Day Trading is NOT Investing

How to be a Trader?

I’ll say it again – day trading is not investing.

The two can fall under the same umbrella, but they are extremely different.

Investing is when you buy a position and hold it either for one week, one month, one year or ten years. You are investing in the company to bring you back gains and profits. You are in it for the long haul.

In investing, it is wise to have diversification, and you may do maintenance of your portfolio either monthly, bi-yearly or yearly.

Day trading is in and out of a position on the same day. In the futures market especially you won’t be in a position longer than 20 minutes. You don’t look at any fundamentals, you are 100% looking at it technically and analytically.

Day trading is a profession, the money you earn from it can be put into investments.

Working on your retirement savings is an important strategy that you can work out through long term investing.

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How to be a Trader

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Day Trading is NOT Investing