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Differences Between Men and Women Investors

Did you know that women investors and traders are better than men?

It’s hard to believe that such a strongly male dominated industry is run and ‘ruled’ by the wrong gender!

16 Differences Between Men and Women Investors :

1. Women like to learn and be in a like-minded community with a close network to help them make the right decisions.

2. Men like to learn and act on their own

3. Women are less aggressive taking more conservative decisions – which means not trying to beat the market or bring in huge earnings – in the long run they actually win and gain more profit than men – but with less risk involved

4. Men take more aggressive stances with higher risks. This leads to huge wins and more times then ever huge losses

5. Women stay humble about their earnings focusing on securing their future either for themselves, or their families

6. Men tend to be overconfident boasting about their gains with sports cars and trophy girls as accessories, yet hiding their losses oh-too-conveniently.

7. Women look for long term profits rather than fast spikes and over night riches

8. Men concentrate more on the quick wins rather than looking at long term returns

9. Women are born shoppers and consumers and can assess what is hot in the market

10. Men tend to be more analytical – both have positives in playing the market

11. Women sit tight. They don’t over trade resulting in bigger gains at year end

12. Men’s overconfidence drives them to overtrade which at the end of the year has proven to bring in less gains then women

13. Women can sit through a Financial crisis better than men. Patience and belief! Warren Buffet always says, ‘Hold, Hold, Hold’. When there is major panic selling hold on to the companies you strongly believe in. And if you don’t have positions in them, start buying now.

14. Men are panic sellers and can’t withstand financial crisis. Instead they sell off all their positions.

15. Women have greater self control.

16. Men make foolhardy decisions.

In the end, women tend to trade less excessively and less aggressively, which helps make better decisions and bring in bigger gains, a good example is to try aus online pokies.

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Differences Between Men and Women Investors - Women Make Better Investors