Do You Know What a Down Trending Market Is?

Don’t get alarmed if you see the market heading down. For day traders this is usually a bigger win than going up.

It’s funny how the market can go down sooo much faster than it goes up.

If you have a proper system in place, you can BANK on the down trend.

So how do we know what’s a down trending market?

Because the pivots keep going lower and lower.

You will have slow downs, but if it continues to push down, it’s means the market still wants to go lower.

When will it stop?

Well, that’s never for us to predict.

If you start to think that the market SHOULD turn, or will be turning now because it’s simply going to far, what will happen is that you will falsely believe in what your mind is telling you and stop reading what the market is ACTUALLY DOING.

Never stop listening to the market. If it continues to go down and it lines up for your trade set up, go with it.

Happy Trading,

Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

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2 Responses to Do You Know What a Down Trending Market Is?

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi Trader Chick.

    Nice blog about day trading. the topic “Do You Know What a Down Trending Market Is” is interesting.

    The chart shows it and it shows which has already happened.. may be easy to gauge by anyone who even don’t trade.

    the real question,I am asking myself is “Do anyone know when it will start”.. ? so i can participate for upcoming profit. rather than looking at past what has already passed and happened I couldn’t even make a penny out of it.

    lets assume as per this chart ..while the time frame was (as if it is currently happening now..) e.g 09 06 and 09 09 levels on the chart. would I be able to predict?

    it’s difficult.. but as easy as looking at past.


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