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Tips and Tricks: Do You Need to Exchange Money in Tulum?

If you think about it, one of the most important aspects of traveling to a different country is money exchange, while many countries accept credit cards and USD there will be a lot of chances that you won’t be able to use them, even in popular places like Tulum. Whether it’s a lack of internet connection or just visiting local and rural places, you’ll need local currency no matter what. That’s why I wanted to answer a few common questions about exchanging money in Tulum, so, you can be safe and sure to enjoy the many activities in Riviera Maya.

The advantages of having local currency from the country you’re visiting are huge, you’ll be able to avoid issues and barriers that travelers often face. Whether you want to swim with dolphins in Tulum to take the local bill as souvenirs, it’s a must you have pesos! You’ll be able to buy things easier, and pay those little unexpected expenses!

That’s why the importance of having local currency in Tulum and other places in Mexico is a thing that can’t be ignored or overlooked. Make sure to exchange your currency for Mexican pesos and enjoy the Dolphin Discovery Akumal!

Many Mexican pesos bill on a table

Do you need to exchange money for Tulum?

Yes, you do need to exchange money for pesos for a trip to Tulum. While many places will accept USD you’ll not get the best exchange rate while paying at, for example, a restaurant. At a restaurant, you could get 17 pesos per dollar while at an exchange you’ll get 18.90 or so (this is just a representative example, exchange prices can vary).

But that’s not the only advantage of having pesos, if you’ll be taking taxis chances are they’ll be accepting pesos only. Also, that way you can easily pay for other services, goods, and even tips.

It’s wise to get local currency if you plan to travel to non-touristic zones, like small villages or towns. By using local currency you’ll be supporting the correct and accepted method of payment in that country.

So, it’s definitely better to have pesos while traveling in Tulum, remember always to have a backup in USD and pesos if you can.

Where can I exchange dollars in Tulum?

Tulum is a touristic hub, a beautiful and historical city, and you can find a huge ton of money exchange places around. I highly recommend you asking at your hotel for the best one and check on the Internet for good options. Be mindful and check the reviews, ask for the prices and fees of different places, and compare them.

The ideal way would be to take your pesos from your country to Tulum. For example, many banks on the USD will make the exchange for you, it’s easier and almost hassle-free.

A great way to exchange money I found while traveling in Mexico, is to do the exchange directly at the ATM, a fee will be charged depending on your bank and the Mexican Bank can take a fee too. but it’s incredibly easy to do, most ATMs now let you choose the language too.

Also, you should know that if you use a bank in Mexico that’s affiliated with your bank you can get back the fee. I recommend you talk to your bank about it.