I know, you have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the Mini Course!

Here it is.

You are probably wondering, is it really possible to earn $100 in 15 minutes – continuously?


You can.

It doesn’t happen over night, just like a musician doesn’t break out into glorious music from day one.

But with practice, learning how to read what the market tells you – and TRUST ME – Mr. Market does tell you, almost precisely, what is going on and what will be happening if you just listen.

Once you can read its language, you too can have multiple $100 fifteen minute wins.

Have questions or need help?

You’re probably not the only one.

Head over to the Facebook Group devoted to this course and sing it loud and proud.

I’ll answer all your questions there and make it helpful for all other aspiring day traders too.

P.P.S – You know what’s really fun? To do this mini course with another aspiring trader for support and accountability. 

Share it with a friend (it’s always open to enter) or make new ones in the FB Group to keep you on track.