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Futures Trading Risk Management Tools



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Trading Risk Management Tools for Futures

Futures Trading Strategies – Are you ready to learn someday trading tricks and how to have confidence and ease in the market? Subscribe to the channel and have fun. So here is one of my favorite types of trades. I call this the two thirty-three e-mail.

Initial instant reaction trade. So what happened here? We’ve been kind of in a sideways movement. The market flew down, and then it has started to go back up. Right. And every time I look at it, it’s going higher and higher. And now I’m starting to notice that the market has completely switched the momentum, switched direction.

It’s way above the MACD lines then. And my emini trading strategy says it’s a good signal. So I entered it. I entered with two contracts. And when I enter a two thirty-three trade, I only look for my first contract to be one point, which is four ticks. Both of the risk of the contract, though, is at four ticks as well.

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At one point as my risk management.

So what happens now? It starts to go down a little bit further, and I actually liked it so much that I re-enter it eight now at the 2 at the 6 10 and the fifteen ninety-seven mark, which was still above point three.

So now I have added on contracts on my four contracts right now. I moved my Risk just one tick below. So that I give it more space to work. I give my trade a place to work. You need to always give it your trade. A chance to work. And look what happened.

It just moved down a little tiny bit. And here are my first. My first target is Texas, which is one point. Once I get filled on my first contract, on my first target and I have three contracts there, so I’m talking at one hundred and fifty dollar profit right away.

So bam, I got filled. The second I got filled there, I immediately put my risk at where I entered. So at this point, I have nothing at all on the table at this point. Whatever happens, if it continues up, which is my next target, which is at one hundred dollars at two points, I could get filled. Or if it goes back, if it pulls back to here, I’ve already taken my profit.

I have no more risk on the table. So after.

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A lot of consolidation here. I decided to put my target at the exact pivot as where it was the last pivot, and this to me is a great and exit because at this point it’s another point and a half, which is about seventy-five dollars extra. So at this point, I’m already sitting on one hundred and fifty dollar profit with another seventy-five dollars extra. I’m good.

What else do I need right at this point is what, two hundred and twenty-five dollars that I have come out with as a profit and I’m done for the day.

The entire trade took me no more than 30 minutes. And this is one of my favorite types of trades. There’s no divergence in the pivots. Everything is way above the MACD’s.

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