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How Much Money Can Day Traders Make – REALISTICALLY?


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Hey, traders, it’s Marina the Trader chick to simplify your day trading for you today. Big question. How much money can I make day trading? So stick around because I’m about to give you the real value hacks, and you’ll be surprised. All right, but first, subscribe below.

Make sure that you hit that notification button because every week I come up with new simplifying day trading hacks for you. So how much money realistically can I make? And the key word here is realistic because before you start to say anything or start saying crap like I want to make $1,000 a day. How much are you actually making right now? How much money are you making right now?

How much do day traders make?

That is a question. First of all, I’d like to know in the comments, and if you don’t feel comfortable enough, answer it to yourself, because if you can’t even answer to yourself, then you should go back and figure this one out first because living an illusion that you will make $1,000 a day or more while you are losing in the markets or barely breaking even reality check. How many of you are barely breaking even is so delusional. But most people think if they have some cash, they will miraculously become millionaires overnight in the world of day trading.

Yeah, I know I’ve been there myself.

Trust me. But here’s the deal, guys. There are no shortcuts in day trading. Now you don’t want to put in any of the time learning how to day-trade. Now, I know that sounds a little bit like a moron.

I want to make $1,000, but I don’t want to do any of the work that actually needs to be done because I’ve got the money. I’m going to be making millions of dollars. Right? I know this is probably the number one industry where these quick rich schemes seem to win people over a day in and day out. Why?

Because delusion is a state of mind and when they’re losing money, and they cannot face it, and they’re completely broke, maybe they’ll wake up and realize, wait for a second, I need to do something right if I actually want to make money in day trading, so come back to me when you are ready to actually learn and ready to put in the time. And only then can we really talk for real about how much money you can make day trading. But I will give you this one quick clue or one quick optimistic clue.

The sky is literally the limit. Actually, it is past the sky.

So there is no limit. But you cannot be delusional and think just because I’ve got some cash, I’m going to make it into hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a lie. So wake up and come to me when you’re ready to learn, put in the time, and then we’ll talk for real. I’m Marina the trader chick telling you how it is.

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