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Day Trading Futures For A Living: Making a Full Time Income Trading

I usually get a lot of questions about what I do for a living. And my answer is always the same, I primarily make my income trading futures for a living. 

And that’s what the focus of this post will be about. How to get started on the path to trading futures for a living and hitting the widely talked about and pursued goals of making $100 per day, $300 per day or even $1000 per day trading futures for a living.

In this post and with the video/audio you can watch and listen to below, I won’t be focussing on the technical skill of learning day trading fundamentals and financial market movements – which is a huge component of eventually trading futures for a living.

Instead I will be talking about the mindset required to reach that coveted level of $100 or more per day trading futures for a living.

And the example I like to use to compare the process of starting from scratch and eventually making a full time income trading is that of a pianist learning basic notes and scales to eventually playing Carnegie Hall.

So keep reading to learn about this mindset approach that will really help you especially if you are newer traders who have yet to fully develop the patience and diligence required to trade at “Carnegie Hall level”.



Full Transcript

How to Succeed at Trading Futures for a Living

Can I make three hundred dollars a day or more, day trading?

I am going to answer your question about day trading. OK, so I get this question asked quite often.

And usually it’s from relatively new students that are taking either my beginner Bootcamp course for day trading or also my futures course, which is where I teach you how to do trade setups and teach you the whole, I guess, enchilada, of how to day-trade with a strategy with trades.

So that question when it’s asked, it’s… I wonder what the intention is with day trading. So this is how I compare day trading emini futures – to piano lessons. All right.

Day trading is very similar in that respect because, to me, trading is very artistic. The things that we read, the way the market moves, it’s like notes on your music sheets. 

So when you decide you want to play the piano, you sit down and you learn the notes.

Because if you don’t know how to read the notes. How can you play music?

day trading futures for a living is like learning to become a world class pianist
Succeeding at day trading for a living is like learning to become an expert “Carnegie Hall level” pianist. It begins with the basics or trading or learning to read music notes to become an expert.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to read the market, how can you understand what the market is doing.

So the next step from piano with the notes is scales. You put your notes into scales and then it comes together.

So it starts to make a sentence for you. The same with the market. I teach you first in the bootcamp how to read the market.

And how to read the market and identify, i’s going up? Is it going down? Is it going sideways?

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Are there reversals? And then you can put it all together. And then you can start to make sentences out of that. But of course, that takes time.

Reaching the Level of Day Trading Futures for a Living Takes Time!

It won’t happen in a week. Chances are you’ll understand the movement within a couple of weeks easily. And then you have to learn the songs. Then you learn music.

With piano, once you know your notes and your practice, your scales, then you sit down and you start to learn the songs.

So if you put it in perspective of playing the piano, usually it takes about a month to a month and a half to really put those notes into deliberate practice and apply it to music. So after you’re done learning that one song.

Are you ready for Carnegie Hall?

Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous venues for pianists. I look at it as a comparison to a thousand dollars a day earning in day trading.

For example, if you were to sit down and learn your one song, would you consider Carnegie Hall as your next step if you want to perform live?

day trading futures for a living
Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous venues for pianists. To able to play here I look at it as a comparison to a thousand dollars a day earning in day trading.

No! You would think it’s actually ludicrous because with one song, probably not even like the most complex song, right?

It’s not a Mozart or a Rachmaninoff, it’s probably just a basic song, right?

Something like a basic trade setup. So would you consider making three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars with that one little trade? No you would’nt.

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But if you do learn one song or if you do learn two songs, and you want to play live, why not go to your neighborhood piano bar where there are only a few people where the atmosphere is chill. Therefore, there’s no real pressure. And this is where you could practically live. It’s the same thing with trading.

When you learn one trade setup or two or even three, why not look for the profits that are going to give you that confidence to move on?

So eventually in a year or so, you can hit the Carnegie Hall level, which is 300 dollars per day, which is a thousand dollars per day. So think of it in that respect. You would never sit down at a piano and within a month think you are Carnegie Hall status.

For some reason, people do that and think that with day trading. That they can start earning 300 dollars or more in a day, trading one or two hours a day only with about a month or two. Practice.

The truth is it’s totally possible for anyone to reach this level or 300 dollars per day trading futures for a living. But it can’t be rushed. In my opinion the best way is to simplify your trading strategy, technical analysis and indicators to become more consistent and a more profitable trader over time.


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I’m just going to leave you here with that information and you decide what you want to do. Day trading has the capability of unlimited potential, yet you need to put in the time you need to work. And you know what?

The journey is always fun. So do you ask any pianist who has made it to Carnegie Hall?

Their journey, their process, have been what gave them life. And Carnegie Hall is just an end game.

So enjoy the ride and day trading can be an amazing, amazing journey.

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Day trading futures for a living: 5 BONUS Tips

In this post we have covered the very important aspect of the required mindset you must develop in order to reach the ‘expert’ level of day trading. This is the level where you can make $300 per day trading futures for a living. 

Below are some related and helpful tips that will help you get there even faster if you stick with it!

Tip #1: Practice Trading for Free

This is really an extremely important tip that you should be implementing. Before trading with real money, practice your strategies using simulated trading platforms or paper trading accounts.

This allows you to test different approaches and gain confidence without risking capital.

Learning how to day trade for a living is stressful but totally worth it if you can learn to control your emotions. But it does take time and practice.
Learning how to day trade for a living is stressful but totally worth it if you can learn to control your emotions. But it does take time and practice.

Tip #2: Manage Your Emotions

Trading can be stressful! But no path to mastery will be an easy ride. Develop emotional resilience and avoid letting emotions dictate your decisions. Maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and make clear-headed trading choices.

Tip #3: Start Small

As I explained above about beginning with learning the notes, then scales and eventually songs when becoming an expert pianist, the same applies to trading.

Begin with a small trading account and gradually increase your capital as you gain experience and confidence. And also avoid over-leveraging your trades, as it can lead to significant losses. 

Tip #4: Learning Never Ends in Trading

Financial markets are dynamic and traders must be always adapting trading strategies and testing and trying new set ups, indicators and tools.

The great thing is there are a lot of helpful communities who share their knowledge and help each other learn and grow their trading knowledge. This also includes being open to using new technology that can assist you in improving your day trading.

Tip #5: Choose a Reliable Broker

Another very important tip is to take your time, read reviews and fully consider carefully your choice of broker. Select a reputable futures broker with a good track record, competitive fees, and a user-friendly trading platform.

Consider factors such as execution speed, customer support, and the range of products offered.

Let`s get to know each other. I`m Marina, the trader chick – you can learn more about my journey and how I started here.

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How to Make $300 Per Day Trading in the Futures Market