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Misconceptions About Playing the Market – How to Start in the Market

Misconceptions About Playing the Market – How to Start in the Market

How to Start in the Stock Market? Playing the Financial  Market carries way too many misconceptions.

How to Start in the  Market – Doing it Right and Ignoring the Noise

The most notorious of all is that this is an ‘All Boy’s Club’ industry with little room for females.  In the 21st century women not only know how to play along with the big boys, but lots of studies and research has proven that we, Women, are better than men!

1. Myth – Trading the market is like gambling

Reality – A trained trader hardly ever gambles. Gambling is picking a stock or a position solely on an impulse or feeling or what a friend told them (in that case you’re better off trying real pokie machines). Educated traders do analysis before making any moves and have their targets and stops always in place they are more secure than most corporate jobs these days.

2. Myth – Playing the Stock market is a man’s game!

Reality –  Studies have shown, over and over again, women make better decisions to bring in higher longer term gains and profits while men are much bigger risk takers focusing more on quick gains which can also bring in much significant losses.

3. Myth – Women Don’t Understand How the Market Works

Reality – Women are born shoppers and consumers which means they can shop better than most! But most importantly, they learn and retain information equally to men in the game of trading. But at the end of the day can apply it better than men, like at kiwicasinos.io

Now that you know the truth and see that market trading has no Gender Barriers it’s time to start going for it!

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How to Start Trading

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Misconceptions About Playing the Market - How to Start in the Market