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How to Succeed in Day Trading


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Hey, it’s Marina, The Trader Chick. And today I want to talk about something really important, success and your day trading because a lot of people want to be successful day traders, but they don’t understand the full understanding of what success even represents. And today I want to talk about success and being a successful day trader.

Are you guys ready to be successful day traders? So watch the video because you’re gonna get some really important and very easy-to-implement tips.

Let’s go. Okay, so let’s talk about success because a lot of people believe that we are born successful. Here’s the thing, guys. Successful people are not born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

And that’s the reality. Everybody wants to be a millionaire day trader. Oh, my God. The amount of emails I get, “I want to make $1,000 a day”. And They’ve never even read a chart.

They don’t know the basics of a chart. They don’t have a strategy. Not only that, but they’re losing money. And when I tell them, why don’t we begin with building your success habits and maybe starting with making $30 a day? Oh, my God.

I’m like, how much are you making now? So you expect to go from negative $100 to $300 per day to $1000 without doing any of the work? Guess what, dude, you’re not going to be successful because you want the shortcut and there are no shortcuts because here’s the reality, guys, if it was easy, we’d all be doing it. Successful people are the sum of their habits.

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How to be Successful in Day Trading

So your habits, your rituals, your discipline come from the sum of your habits. And that is something, that is the truth. Success does not come from what you do. Occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently, what you do every time you sit in front of your chart, every time you are ready to sit in front of your charts, every time you sit down to prepare your charts, every time you train for your trading is the consistency. Okay.

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And again, it is the sum of your hold part. Right. We start and what the habits are. I have videos for you guys. Make sure that you check them out.

That talks about preparation for your trading. Before you start trading, those successful habits that a lot of people are implementing and are successful. And the funny thing is, and the reality is they’re not hard. All of us can do it, but we have to commit to doing them. And once you commit to doing them and start doing them consistently, you’ll walk this and get to that success.

I guarantee that you need to prepare yourself for the trading day. Make sure you watch it. How to Prepare Yourself for the Trading Day. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And that my people, is the truth. If you are just gonna fit and start shooting and don’t know what you’re doing, you’re just donating your money to the market.

You might as well take that money and actually donate it to really good causes. Instead of blaming the market, it’s you, and it could all be eliminated. There are warm-up, just like when you want to run in the marathon, you might have trained like a madman or a madwoman for that marathon. But when you arrive at the marathon and just go, guess what? Your body is clothed within a few miles, you’re gonna probably hurt your hamstring.

So you’re gonna have a cramp and guess what? You’re out of the game. You’re out of the marathon because you didn’t do the warm-up. Not only that, but you didn’t stretch, you didn’t warm up your muscles.

You didn’t do the habit that gets the real marathoners to finish and consistently win. Right? You need to do it. Why is it that it’s understandable that runners have a four-minute warm-up or whatever their warm-up is, right? Those are the successful ones.

It’s a known thing. Guess what? It’s a habit. This is what a habit looks like. And traders can set the same types of habits and warm themselves up, so they are ready and not just go in cold and shooting.

Clearing your mind. That is a habit. People are not born with clear minds. We all have s*** rolling around in there. You need to clear your mind.

That is a habit, that is a habit, a human implements every day. And again, I have videos show showing you exactly how to do that, so you could really understand, and they’re not hard. And some of them only take you two to three minutes to do before you actually trade. But those two or three minutes is definitely going to be the difference between a successful trader and a losing trader. Which one are you?

All right now, when your mind is exploding, and it’s not clear, you’re not going to trade, well, make sure that you are doing it properly. And this also works with mindful breathing, breathing exercises. Again, I have many videos really talking about this. This is all part of that prep work that success and all successful people will say that they have different habits, including clearing their minds, including breathwork, including warmups. This is not just for trading.

This is all around people. For traders, we do need to be on top of the trading news. We need to know what’s going on. We need to be ready to see what is happening in the day so that we could stay away from the news. And this is a habit.

It is not something that, oh, maybe this is a habit that is consistently implemented every single day. I never open up my chart until I check the news to see, because if I’m going to trade, and it goes all wonky on me. All erratic. I’m gonna be like, oh, my gosh. And I’ve lost because of that.

Then I look to see. But there was news that I could have completely avoided it. And it’s that easy. It’s literally that easy. A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

What does that mean? The small habits allow us to move mountains. And those habits need to be consistently implemented on a daily basis. Mindset, mindset, mindset, mindset. This is all part of your habits.

You need to be working on your mindset, right? You need to have your mindset and your goals. And they’re called smart goals in place. This is part of those habits you have to have. It’s called smart, right?

So be specific what your goal is. Make it measurable. Do not tell me you want a $1,000 per day when you’re barely even making break even. Be smart. Why not start with $50 per day?

Why not be measurable? How about attainable is a $1,000 attainable per day when you’re in the negative, make it attainable. Guys get real. Be realistic, that’s a successful person. Make it attainable.

Make it measurable relevant. Again. You’re losing negative $300 per day, barely breaking even. And you’re sitting there crying that you want a 500 and you’re entitled to it. Make it relevant.

And again, time day traders, we can only handle a certain amount of time per day until our mind starts to fizzle out and we have no more energy. So be relevant. Understand what is a measurable time frame for you? Because otherwise you’re not gonna be real. You’re not gonna be successful.

Okay? It’s about making those good decisions. And if you are telling me you’re gonna make a $1,000 a day and you’re in the negative 300, you’re not gonna be making any good decisions because you’re gonna be making reactive, emotional, stupid decisions. And that’s the reality. And then chart time.

You need that chart time. You cannot just open up your chart and start taking trades. You need to understand what is happening. It give yourself that time before you start. And that is part of that goal.

Those success habits. I always give five to ten minutes of staring at a chart, even if there’s presumably trades that I should be taking. But I’m not gonna because my habit is sitting and looking at the chart before I jump in and you need to trust your strategy. And when I say trust your strategy and yourself at this point, it is not about trusting what’s in front of you. It’s trusting the work that you have done.

And if you’re sitting here and you haven’t done any work, then you know what you need to lose because you have not done any work. You are not taking this seriously. Everything that requires big rewards have to have the work done. And the way we do that is through the trust, right? If your son has an appendix that needs to be taken out and you arrive to the hospital and the doctor who comes to them doesn’t have a clue how to do this.

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Do you think they’re going to be trusting a procedure or having confidence? First of all, you’d never let them touch your kid, right. But the doctors that my son had his appendix out and the doctor we’ve met at this point has done thousands of these. He has such a confidence and such a trust in his procedure that we totally trusted him. And guess what?

It was a complete success. But it wasn’t something that he just jumped into. He has strategy. He has his habit. He is a success due to the sum of all those parts.

Are you one of those or you’re just pretending? And discipline. Discipline is a word that we throw around all the time. But guess what it is. Again, the sum of the parts.

We have, the habits, in place. We have our training in place. We have our moments that we are understanding what is happening, and we are realistic. And that is part of the discipline. Discipline is everything.

And it’s not just you don’t just gain it. You work on it and mindfulness. Everything that we just talked about comes through meditation and day trading affirmations, the breath work being here in the moment, clearing your mind, reducing your stress from the outside world so that you could focus on here. This is all part of the success. And again, it doesn’t matter if you are a Uber driver who is successful, because if you’re not in that moment, you’re going to be crashing pro athlete or a pro trader.

It’s all part of the work, guys. And this is what success looks like. If you’re not willing to put in the work, it’s never going to happen. This guy, I don’t know if you have seen the movie Free Solo, and he climbs 3000ft without any wrote he and people are like, oh, my God, he just did it. He said that a thousand times in the video took him ten years to get there.

Ten years he did the work. He has brought everything to that moment. And that’s why he’s a success and that’s life. We all know of him. And this is what it is.

And it’s so frustrating as you hear people say, I want to be successful and not put it in any of the work we are. What we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but it is a habit. Please understand that and stop fooling yourselves. If you’re not ready to put in the work, you will never be a good trader if you’re not willing to put in the work.

And it’s not that hard. Guys, it doesn’t take that much time. And those habits become a natural part of you. And guess what? You can take those habits to the rest of your world because the rest of your life is also the sum of your habits.

All right, are you ready to download your success into your brain? Let’s do it, guys. This is where it’s all about. How do you do that through a checklist? Start with a trading stock watchlist.

Checklist work. Have your checklist. Whatever your habits that you want to start to really work on, start doing them daily. Have a small one. Maybe start with, like, two or three at first, but get started and then let’s start trading.

Now. I want to know below, what are your success habits? What do you consistently do? What makes you a success at whatever you are doing? Please comment below.

Let’s share so that the community really sees what other people are doing. It’s so helpful for everybody and make sure to subscribe and I have videos going into each one of these in a lot of detail. Okay, so that you guys can really implement and really learn how to do all of this. So come below. Make sure you subscribe.

Hit on that notification button. All right, guys, let’s get ready and let’s start trading successfully, and I’m here to help you. I’m Marina the trader check. Simplifying your day. Trading.