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Bad Habits of Day Traders – Risk Management Plan – Part 1

Here’s a weird fact about day traders. Almost all day traders, when starting out, develop bad habits before good habits. No one really understands this concept, but it seems to hold a universal truth. My theory, since I too fell … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation – Psycho Cybernetics

Few books truly make an incredible impact on your life. Psycho-Cybernetics, Updated and Expanded is definitely one of the most important ones you will ever read. If you’re like me, and prefer to listen to books this audio version of … Continue reading

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Trading Psychology – The Trader’s Mindset

Mindset – learning the strategies and techniques will be easy compared to our mindset and our self control. Day Trading has proven to be the best teacher for me in this and helps me learn daily about changing my mindset. … Continue reading

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Small Goals for Big Changes

Did you know that trading is only 10% of your actual day? That’s why day traders pride themselves on calling it part time. Yet they don’t tell you that the other 90% of the time traders are learning and backtesting … Continue reading

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4 Rules of Trading

Did you know there are four core rules to trading? Yeap, just four. If you can master these four insanely crucial rules you will definitely master trading. What are the Most Important Rules for a Successful Trading Strategy and Day  … Continue reading

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