Interim Areas – The Easy Way to Understand

Imagine you are going for a run, a sprint, and then you have to catch your breath.

What happens? You slow down. 

You take a breath. 

Maybe get some water.

And continue on.

This is an interim area. 

It’s simply a pause.

However, it is also a place that can become a spot of indecision. 

Interim areas are normal. But it is crucial that you do not enter any trades during this time and if you’re in one, get out either with a small loss or a tiny profit or a breakeven.

Even if they market continues in your direction, you really don’t know if that will happen.

And in trading you never want to predict where it will go, you want to read what the market is telling you!

Happy Trading,

Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

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